Thursday, March 4, 2010


Howdy Folks,

No, my plane did not go down over the icy Atlantic Ocean.... it has just been several weeks of chaos, hard work, and terrible jet lag.

So, I arrived in Texas to a beautiful sunny sky and was just thrilled since we have had exactly one day of sun here since our arrival.  The next day I woke up to this....

REALLY????  After two solid months of snow I get this in Texas.  One of my girlfriends called me and her opening line to me was: " I bet you are hating this...."  Did she just laugh as she said this???  Well, it really did not matter, I was quite busy helping my friend Gloria from Milady's Needle get ready for Market, plus I had to stitch this before we left for Nashville.

You can see Michelle's at Cozy Egg - she stitched the red one.  These are the new Jewelry Pendants from Milady's Needle.  Yes, they are stitched over one on 36 count, and since there isn't very much it is very doable.  I just love them.  Here are pictures of all the new things she released.  We were quite busy at Market and the pendants sold like hot cakes.

I know this was shown a couple of times already, but it is so impressive I thought I would do it again.

This was stitched by Gigi, who lives in Belgium, on one gigantic sheet of linen.   So, not only has she stitched all kinds of Quakers on this, but she filled in the spaces between  the individual samplers as well and put a border around the whole entire thing!  Wow, them are some smokin' needles.  

Market was lots of hard work, but it was so fun to see shop owners and designers.  Seeing all the new stuff first had was so great but hard on the wallet.   It was Michelle's first time there, and it was so nice to have such fun company.  That girl has a wicked sense of humor.  

I finally got home a week ago, only to walk into a huge mess at home.  I was unable to sleep on the plane and was wiped out when I walked through the door.  Seeing the chaos of boxes from our household goods having been delivered during my absence and general mess was just overwhelming, so I went to bed, slept for about 5 hours then got up and got to work unpacking boxes.  I have been unpacking and cleaning for an entire week, but am seeing the end of the tunnel.  My jet lag was pretty severe for several days, but now I am back in the swing of things.   I finally have some time & energy  to stitch and knit again , so without further ado here is what I have been working on. 

That Baktus Scarf was finally finished right before I left for Germany & Mia graciously modeled it.

My sweet friend Kim gave me some beautiful yarn which I also quickly knit into a long skinny scarf.  

Kim knows me so well and therefore is familiar with my passion for pink.  Speaking of pink, as I was unpacking my stash I found this:

This is Love Song by Fouroaks stitched on 40 ct R&R Iced Cappuccino with Silk n' Color Cranberry Swirl.  Here is a close up.

I started this when the pattern first came out - obviously I petered out pretty quick, but I will stitch on it some for a while.  The good news is that I still love the color combo.  

Now, poor Jenny Bean has crossed the ocean 3 times with me now and although she has logged many miles, she has not seen too much stitching time but I am making progress.

Until next time.  


  1. Hello Sylvia. Glad to here that you made it back home in one piece. It was great to visit with you during the great North Texas Snow In of 2010 and I look forward to your future visits. St least when you returned home it was truly home since your household goods had arrived. Now you can feel moved-in.

    Until next time...

  2. Sylvia, you're so lucky to have gone to market. Although it does sound like you were pretty exhausted as a result. I love your scarf on Mia! lol! So cute! And your Love Songs -- gorgeous! As is the pendant and the scarf. Good luck with all the unpacking!

  3. Shhh...don't tell everyone I have a wicked sense of humor...then they will all want to be my friend. :) Tee hee I love your pink scarf!! And your Baktus is fabuloso!! I think the Cranberry Swirl is fabulous for that piece - love it. And I'm sure Jenny will get another trip sometime soon...let's hope she doesn't mind flying. So glad you now have your stitching light and can stitch again! Yay!! Miss you!

  4. Also, Texas und Schnee kann ich einfach nicht in meinen Kopf bringen. Aber es schaut sooo schön aus!!! Wie aus einem Märchenbuch. Hier soll's heute auch wieder schneien, kalt genug ist es ja.
    Dein Anhänger ist in Natura wesentlich schöner!!! So zart und die Farben sind ein Traum! Das glaube ich, daß die weggingen wie die warmen Semmeln, wenn die Damen Deinen wunderschönen Hänger gesehen haben!
    MEINE Mia schaut sooo goldig mit Deinem hübschen Baktus aus. Gib ich mal bitte einen zarten Drücker von mir und sag ihr, daß ich sehr stolz auf sie bin, weil sie so hübsch Modell gestanden hat *grins*.
    Dein "Love Song" gefällt mir natürlich suuupergut, weil das auch toootal meine Farben sind und das Muster paßt einmalig gut dazu! Tstststsss, ich möchte nicht wissen, was Du noch alles in Deinem "stash" gefunden hast, lach.
    Keine Bange, Dein Jenny Bean wächst vielleicht langsam aber stetig! Gut Ding will Weile haben. Schön ist er auf jeden Fall schon.
    Hugs, Margit

  5. I think that my husband got caught up in that same snowstorm. His company's headquarters is down there and his comment was that if they were hoping that we'd move down there, they had another thing coming. We'd want to go somewhere where there wasn't snow.

    I love all the pinks and your Bakkus scarf is wonderful.

  6. Welcome Back, Sylvia! Sorry for all of the snow! I hope spring arrives quickly! I've had enough! I'm glad your "stuff" arrived...take you time with it! Jet-lag is a bear! Take a deep breath and relax! I love Jenny Bean! I have all kitted up and ready togo, bit, alas, I'm over committed! or maybe it's just "committed"!! Ha HA! -Holly

  7. It's so good to hear that you are back home Sylvia and hopefully no more snow! When we got home from market, the snow was gone, but just this week, there was a smidgen of snow again. NOw it's just freezing.....
    The pendants are so wonderful, I am waiting for a moment to stitch me one. If you ever decide to come up north, let m eknow.

  8. Welcome back, Sylvia! It sounds like you had a great time, though I had to laugh about the snow. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth going away when you have to walk back into a huge mess but I think it's just part of being a mother, for better or worse. Your stitching looks great. I love that Four Oaks sampler--love the Cranberry Swirl!