Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Grave Undertaking

Tombstones seem to be the flavor of the season here in St. Charles.  Here are some that are coming home with me:

A Ravens Roost ( Goode Huswife) & Curse of the Raven ( Carriage House Samplings)

It is clear that these are companion pieces - quite fun.

Here are a few I picked up from Primitive Needle:

Pictured are the new Crescent Angel, the new Tombstone Spots ( wonderful), and the older Hornbook Angel.  

I could not resist starting the very fun Jenny Bean Sampler by Shakespeare Peddler -  this is stitched on PTP Heritage - it is perfect for this sampler.

Although this is not Halloween related I just love this new little scissor fob from Erica Michaels called Needle Nut .  This is stitched on 30 ct silk guaze with Weeks Dye Works Simply Wools.  This is cuter than cute!!

This little acorn is stitched on both sides.  

I got to stop by Shepherd's Bush, but literally there was nothing left.  We saw them getting mobbed first thing in the morning.  They do have a very cute new Christmas sampler called the Holly & the Ivy.  The also have a very cute new scissor fob with a Halloween theme ( for the life of me I cannot remember the name) I do know that it has a frightened sheep on it & is trimmed with black rick rack with yellow tiny beads.  I think one of the big sellers for Shepherd's Bush was a cute little wooden box with one of their Halloween designs on it.  

I still have not made it to the Blackbird Design room & Hearts Content, but plan on getting there tomorrow.  

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simply Fabulous

We are set up & ready to go for tomorrow!  Tonight was a Early Bird Special - that is that some designers were open & doing business. We were not open so we got to run around and look at all the fabulous new stuff.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures - that will get us kicked out of the show.  However, I was allowed to take pictures of Milady's Needles' new stuff - it is really wonderful.  Sorry about the pics being a bit yellow - the lights in the rooms are those energy efficient bulbs that have a real yellow tint - but without further ado here it is: 
In the Garden:

The colors are so much better in real life - much more vibrant & darker.  Here is another view showing the box with the scissor fob.  This is a kit which includes the box, fabric, lining fabric, floss & pattern for the top & scissor fob.  Here is a pic of the box & scissor fob:

Next is the super cute Halloween Rules - look at the basket, the band was done by stitching the pattern twice.  I think this will sell like hot cakes.  The fabric used is Java City from R&R.  It actually has a greenish tone to it.

Next is a sweet sampler called " Winter is Past"   I love the colors on this one - they are very spring-like.


Ok, these pics are taking forever to load, so I will try & make it quick - it is past midnight & I am TIRED!

The next two are different versions of the same pattern :  Christmas Elegance & elegant they are.

Finally, the last one is a oh-so cute piece that is stitched in Gentle Arts Wool & mounted on WDW Wool.  Pics cannot really do it justice.  

Tonight I did get to stop by Kelmscott Design - the new scissors are great & the feel really nice.  I saw Paulettes ( Plum Street Sampler) & the new designs are outstanding.  Paradise Lost is stunning.  

I also got to see the much anticipated Jenny Bean Sampler & tuffet - don't hesitate to buy these - both are really fun.  The reproduction Sampler Sarah Woodham ( I think) is quite lovely.  

Ok, more tomorrow if I have the energy.  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off to Market

We are off to market tomorrow - looks to be a 10 hrs drive. I am really looking forward to it.  We work really hard but have lots of fun.  Looks like there are lots of great designs coming out.  One of my favorite designers is Goode Huswife & she has some sneak peaks on her site.  Milady's Needle also has some really neat things this market.  Her Adam & Eve box ( In the Garden) is to die for.  She also has a new Halloween design that is just too cute - tombstone fans will be pleased.  I will try & post updates while I am there.
I leave you with some pics of my sweet doggies Mia & Max.

Mia is a Havanese/Min. Schnauzer mix - she was is dire need of grooming when this picture was taken.  I took care of it the day I got back from Hawaii.  She looks much better now.

Max is a Shi Tzu/ Chihuahua mix.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Room with a View

My time here is coming to an end, I will be leaving tomorrow evening.  I have had a wonderful relaxing time.  Yesterday we went to a Luau & the show was quite good.  I did try some Poi - which is a liquid type of pudding made of the Taro root - it tastes somewhat bland and a bit sour.  Not terrible, not good either.  I had some seaweed salad, which was really tasty, but my tongue turned bright green....

So, here is a pic of what our view is from our room.

The wonderful green space is Fort de Russy, a Military Reservation.  The Hale Koa (our hotel) is very unique in that it has all the open space around it, since it was one of the first hotels out on this end of the island.  Everyone else is kind of crammed on top of each other.  Here is another pic.

Here is a quick snapshot of my second finish - it will be an ornament for my oldest daughter Erika. It is a Birds of a Feather Pattern called Christmas Angel Ornament ( now oop) stitched on HDF 35ct Jackalope linen with various HDF fibers.  I like the way it turned out.  There are 3 more angles which she will receive in the years to come.

Oh, I just wanted to note that all my pics so far have been taken on my iPhone.  My DH is hogging the camera for work - I guess that takes priority over my stitching pics.  See everyone soon back on the mainland.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SPf 50 Does NOT Prevent a Sunburn

So, three days in paradise & yes, I do have a pretty good sunburn going.  Not only that its a bit splotchy since I am using a spray on SPF 50 sunscreen.  Sheesh, you would think it would be safe to venture out to the beach with that SPF, but come to find out its protection is a bit lacking.  I was contemplating the SPF-85 but set it aside with a chuckle thinking it was overkill... live & learn.  So, today I am staying in the shade, enjoying the wonderful breeze that comes of the ocean.  I have been waking up around 3 am because of the time change (5 hrs difference) and consequently can hardly keep my eyes open past 8 pm.

I am going to attempt to post a photo of my first Hawaii finish - at the rate I am going it looks like it might the only Hawaii finish, but perhaps I'll pick up speed:

This is a freebie from The Workbasket that was kitted up by Shepherd's Bush at their last retreat.  Don't be aghast about it laying in the has been through worse.  Fabric & floss fell into a footsoak I was doing to beautify my feet before jetting off to Hawaii... a quick rinse revealed that none of it was I think the fabric is from R&R and the floss is from Crescent Color.  I will look at the red-stained tag when I get home provided it is still laying on my bathroom counter.  Shepherd's Bush also provided  some fabric to finish this little lovely into a pillow.  It will take all my sewing skills to accomplish this. Let me see if I can get the other picture of this posted...

Friday, September 11, 2009


We are off to Hawaii this morning.  I will be staying for 9 days, my DH ( who will be doing something there with the Army) won't be back until the 27th of September.  I am really looking forward to this break. My boss is having a minor freak-out, but I am sure things will be just fine.  My four delightful kids will be looked after by my wonderful sister-in-law.  We flew her in from Iowa since right after I come back from Hawaii, I turn around & leave for the needlework market in St. Charles to help Gloria of Milady's Needle.  I hope to have pics from Hawaii to post.  Needles to say I have packed lots of stitching.  I am hoping to get the majority of the ornaments done for the kids this year.  Last year I procrastinated & no one got any.... no mother-of-the year award for me!  Off to do last minute things.

Remember those who perished on this day eight years ago, and the heros who have sacrificed their lives since this terrible day.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Not??

So, big changes are coming our way - we are moving to Germany! I am really very excited since that is where I spent much of my childhood. My DH is in the Army Reserves but going on active duty. The thought behind this move was to have a bit of an adventure while all the kids are still at home.

After breaking the news to my dearest friends - I am so lucky, I have some really wonderful friends, several of them said that I really had to start a blog & I thought :" Why not?" It would be a great way to chronicle our adventure over there. So here I am putting my first words down on in this blog, and I hope that over the next couple of years I manage to maintain it and let everyone share in our adventure.

Currently, my DH & I are getting ready to jet off to Hawaii on Friday. He will be there for 2 weeks working with the Army & I will be there for 8 days. My sister-in-law will come down for Iowa to take care of the kids ( isn't she a trooper). We are cleaning house, while simultaneously weeding out masses of stuff to get rid of. It is amazing what a family of 6 can accumulate.....Anyway, I still have tons of stuff to do before tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend.