Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye-bye Birdie

Here are a few pics of my progress - the Baktus scarf, which seems like it is taking me FOREVER to knit.  But I am  almost there.

I started a new little sampler - Ewe & Eye & Friends  A Small Sampler - Third in a Series.  It is done on a piece of 40 ct. R&R.  I just needed something little that I think I can get done in less than a year.  I must say that the light green was driving me crazy because I could hardly see it.  Most of my stitching has to be done during the day since I am lacking a good stitching light at the moment.  

The alphabet is done over one - and surprisingly it is not giving me any troubles.  I have large picture window in the living room that I sit by to stitch, and the daylight serves me well.  I can now see why these sharp eyed little girls of days gone by were able to stitch those masterpieces without any daylight lamps.

I am leaving tomorrow to return to the States for 2 weeks to help a friend.  Here are the owl pincushions that I made for my stitching friends.  They are a little weebly-wobbly, but it is a gift from the heart.  I hope to have time to update from there.  I checked the weather and it is only a smidge better than here.  

Oh dear, my husband just called to tell me our household goods have arrived - *&#@!!!  That is really bad timing, or really good timing depending on how you look at it... I guess I'll miss that part of our move.  The control freak in me really frets about my husband being in charge of the unpacking - not to mention him discovering the extent of my stash...  Oooh Lucy, you gots some exlaining to do....