Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We  had some nice weather last week- cold, but sunny.  Now we have snow again, but last week it was so nice to go out into the woods and walk with the dogs.  We live on a hillside, and if I go up my street I can take this little path with stairs that bring me right to the edge of the woods.  So, off we go!

Right beyond view the path splits into three different directions.... which way to go?

This way?   This little path leads across a small bridge over the little mountain stream that flows towards our house.  This path eventually ends up right by the insane asylum...  What about this way?

This one leads up the side of the hill, towards a logging road which leads to..... well, I don't know.  How about the last path - I haven't been up this one.

Looks a bit unused, but the doggies & I are game... its a beautiful day after all.  Up, up we go...

Dang, this is steep, really steep, don't let the picture and the sniffing dogs fool you.  See that suff in the middle of the path... its a partially frozen rivulet... eeeewwww, did I just step into a mud puddle??  Ok, did I just step into another one??!??  Well, the doggies have informed me that cold, wet, muddy feet are no reason to abandon this - as they put it- fantastic walk.   Onward & upward then...

Hmm, getting a bit tired and thirsty....again, I know it doesn't look it, but this trail just keeps going up...
Oh, thank goodness a place to rest.

How nice to the Germans to put benches here and there....now if they would just provide some water.   Next time I am bringing a water bottle!  Off we go again - the path is now much more level.  Wait, what do I spy through the trees???  I am saved!!

See that little "fireplace" looking thing that the dogs are all interested in .... its WATER.  I didn't give it another thought but had a few sips.  Aahhh, that is so much better.  Now on the walk.  

What is this??

Those are the diggings of a wild boar - yikes, I saw lots of these on my walk.... Now, I REALLY don't want to encounter any during my walks, 'cause except for my doggies I have not seen a soul when I am out there.  Do any of you think these guys are going to be any help if we encounter these ferocious creatures?

Nah, I don't think so.  I think they will run so fast, they will just be streaks.  They will just let me fend for myself.  I might invest in a walking stick with a really long sharp point....
My neighbor says that his little daughter just encountered two of the beasts while she was sledding down the hill by the insane asylum, and it scared her.  Whaaaaat??? That is just a stones throw away...  That is entirely too much wilderness for me!!  

Back to my walk.  After all that muddy uphilling this was my reward.

Time for the long walk down. Thanks for coming along.


  1. Wow! How nice that you have such nice places to walk so close to where you live! Although I have to admit the boar threat would freak me out. lol! Your doggies are so cute! How did you get them both to pose in the exact same pose? :D

  2. Gelle Syliva, wir wohnen in einer Märchenlandschaft! Aber nächstes mal Laufen mit Dir und den Wuffis, da ziehe ich mir lieber meine Schneestiefel an, lach.
    Liebe Drückerle bis morgen...

  3. Wow! I know it was a tiresome walk - but WOW!! So pretty at the top there. Eric likes to take me on what he calls "nature walks" from time to time, and I would envision something like your walk here...but no, his "walks" usually involve climbing rocks and straddling fallen trees, etc. If you have to use your hands to get up to the next part of the path - it is NOT A NATURE WALK!! Wish I could come walking with you - it looks so much more interesting than my walk around the park here. Although should a pack of wild boar come charging toward us, you better believe I will trample those doggies in an effort to beat it out of there. I have no shame.

  4. Seriously, wild boar??? OMG. That would totally freak me out. Do they eat little doggies? That would freak me out even more. I think I'm brave for walking by fields with cows in them! And the cows are fenced in!! LOL What a gorgeous walk, though--really neat.