Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Alright, this is a bit embarrassing.... a couple of weeks ago ( yes, you read correctly - A COUPLE) Margaret sent me this wonderful award.

I was totally thrilled to get it - my first award -  Thank you Margaret!!  So, if I was so thrilled, what happened ??  Read my fingers.... PROCRASTINATION  & those 10 blasted things we are supposed to list that not many people know...

I think by now most everyone knows the rules - past award into your blog, thank the person ( with link included ) who bestowed the honor on you, list those 10 things, and pass it on.  Now this award has made the rounds, so first off I am going to break the rules.  This goes to all of you who blog so faithfully and keep me entertained and motivated - Thank you.  Also, a big hearty thank you to those who stop by and read my infrequent posts & and even more so to those that comment.  I really appreciate the comments.

Now to those 10 things:

1) I was born & raised in Germany and moved to the States when I was 16 - to El Paso, TX no less... what a culture shock.

2)  I speak 2 languages fluently German & English.  I have studied French, Russian, Spanish & Japanese.  My favorite language was Russian, my least favorite was Japanese.

3)  I home schooled my 4 children for a decade, then burned out and now everyone is doing well in public school.

4)  Here are some of the jobs I have had ( mostly while in college): dishwasher, fry cook,  library aid, housekeeper, front desk clerk, airline food preparer/packer, breakfast cook @ Embassy Suites,  cafeteria manager, consultant for the leisure industry, administrative assistant to a designer of girl fashions,  new products and quality control  manager in manufacturing (fiber optics).

5)  I seem to be the Typhoid Mary of the business world, since every enterprise that I have worked for since graduating from college, with the exception of one, is no longer in business.

6)  During a class trip to Berlin ( while Germany was still divided), some random dude smacked my behind & I proceeded to beat him with my purse.... it was a scene.

7)  I don't like chocolate, especially things like brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, Oreos and, gasp, chocolate chip cookies.

8)  I hang my laundry out to dry, and have done so whenever I have had a place to string a laundry line.  I love to hang it out, but I hate to take it down....

9)  I have had to kill a tiny mouse after it got stuck on one of those glue board ( a most inhumane way to get rid of mice) and was screaming... I could not get it off the board without killing it, so I ended up dropping a brick on it while crying hysterically.

10)  I can't drive a car over here since I have been too lazy to get my international drivers license and I am really intimidated about driving here.  I have got to bite the bullet sometime though...

Until next time.


  1. It was worth the wait, Sylvia! lol! I really enjoyed reading about you! You are the second person I know who doesn't like chocolate. How can that be?! lol! And the languages -- and the connection to Germany! Cool! And the mouse -- so sad! We use those traps that catch the little guys and then you can take them and release them back outside. The driving -- good luck! Ugh! :D And the home schooling -- I admire anyone who can homeschool their kids, even if for just a part of their kids' school careers. I know I don't have the patience. I would have traumatized my kids for sure! Thanks for telling us about you!

  2. I can imagine the culture shock of coming here! I enjoyed reading all about you. I can't even imagine homeschooling my kids - it takes a lot of work and patience!!!

  3. Ok, so is "consultant for the leisure industry" code for something? If it's not, then it should be. I imagine all those languages came in handy for said occupation. hahahahaha....I think I need coffee....

    And I can just imagine you beating the crap out of some dude with your purse... ok, I'm crying now laughing...

  4. I enjoyed reading the tidbits about you! I hope you had a good holiday week on this side of the pond!