Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Stitchy Birthday

This past Saturday our little stitching group of 6 got together to celebrate Renate's birthday.    We had brunch with yummy breads, and later on we had fabulous cake.

I got up early to make Renate a little pincushion owl and gave her a Orchid as well.

But that wasn't the main gift.  Margit had stitched the Bent Creek Snappers Monthly Series on one piece of fabric, and Renate admired it so, so she decided to give it to her for her birthday.  The other girls will pitch in for the materials.  Here you see Renate holding the masterpiece....

Seaking of masterpieces, note the two tapestries that Renate stitched in the back ground and the one below, which is hung behind the dining room table.  I am totally in love with this piece, and I really, really want to stitch it on 40 ct. silk gauze.... whaaaat??? What's so funny????

You can get an idea of its size on this picture below.  

Just so you know who I keep talking about - staring on the right is Margit, then Ilse, Ulrike, Edith and Renate has her back to the camera.

On on of the walls of the living/dining room I found Europe's answer to And They Sinned.  I put Margit next to it so you could get an idea of its size.  Its a Haandarbejdets Fremme kit that runs right around 200 Euros.... in another lifetime perhaps.  It really is stunning though.  Now if I could just find only the pattern...

Next to that drool inducing  piece was another one.... Dutch Beauty, as she lives & breaths!!

Well folks, not be outdone I decided to swallow all my pride and show my WIP of ATS.  Miss Cozyegg & I are doing a very loose SAL - working on it mostly on Sundays.  I call it the ATSSS - And They Sinned Sunday SAL.  I had started this eons ago - as with all my other big ( and small) WIPs I peetered out pretty quickly - I did my partially own conversion to HDF and am stitching it on 40ct. R& R Liberty Gathering Grey.  My partner and I have had a rough start of it with lots of frogging.... this is where I stopped last Sunday, and during the week I ripped out the left cherub ( not in the right place), and the wings of the angel ( I think that might be a sin), because it was the incorrect color... sigh.  I did work on it this Sunday, but have not taken a picture.  That will be for another post.

I do have some small finishes to show, but posting them with Renate's fabulous stitching... naaah, they will just elicit pity and sympathy.  Until next time.


  1. There sure are a lot of people who have the same birthday as my son! lol! Wow, I just love those two pieces you showed off on the walls!!! Wow!!! Dutch Beauty of course is always beautiful as well. :D And your ATS!! That's another one I want to stitch! Sigh. Isn't it awful how many things we all want to stitch someday? Thanks for all the pics -- glad you all had a good time! Oh! And that owl pincushion! OMG! Adorable!!!!

  2. Ok seriously - FIND THAT CHART! (or just take that piece off her wall when she's not looking and send it to me!!!) WOW!! No wonder you were so awed. Lots of very very talented ladies you have befriended. That's wonderful. I'm hoping that we have put the frogging issues behind us too on our ATSsssss (hissy snake noise). We really are in the same place aren't we? How funny. Maybe we'll finish page one sometime this year. I don't see a GAST Bluestone...I assume you were asking about a thread color?

  3. Ich werf mich weg: ATSSS paßt ja wirklich wunderbar!!! Diese böse Fröschelei immer finde ich echt gemein! *hüstel* Ich denke, Du weißt von was ich rede. Aber Dein WIP wird HERRLICH!
    Übrigens habe ich jetzt schon Muskelkater in den Beinen, grrrrrrrrr! *smile*

  4. Holy cow - those are some very beautiful works!!! Do you know who charted her Lady & Unicorn pieces? I'm doing one by Scarlet Quince...

    I have to say, that's the first Dutch Beauty I've seen DONE :) Beautiful! It will forever remain on my wish list...

    ATS is wonderful, and such a lovely birthday brunch!

  5. Wow wow wow wow. Did you wear a bib to catch all the drool when you were seeing all that beautiful stitching?! What a nice group of ladies--lucky you. Love that little owl guy, and you're making nice progress on ATS! I think once you & Michelle find your rhythm, it'll go smoothly. Can't wait to see the rest of your stitching!

  6. Oh.my.stars! What gorgeous stitching! Her tapestry pieces are just to die for. I love your little owl? Where did you find the pattern?

  7. If you ever do find just the pattern of the Haandarbejdets Fremme's Eden piece, please share (I'll do the same)!! I can only find the kit, and boy is it expensive!
    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful works of art!