Thursday, March 11, 2010


Despite the fact that Spring is no where in sight - we have snow on the ground and more coming, I went on a strawberry hunt yesterday.  I was told that wild wood strawberries grow in abundance in the courtyard of the insane asylum.  Even though the place totally creeps me out, I put on my snow boot,  whistled for my faithful & fearless doggies and set off.  Yes indeedo, under a blanket of snow there be tiny little strawberry plants.

Believe you me, when summer rolls around, I will be up there crawling around up there in search of these tiny delicacies.  

Speaking of delicious, here is what I got from my secret stitcher.

The colors are a bit washed out on the photo, but I love my Blackbird Design Strawberry.  This will tide me over until I can get the real thing.


  1. So jealous! I need one. Pretty pretty pretty. Your Secret Stitcher did you right!! And I am so impressed you can identify strawberry leaves on sight...lucky you come summertime!

  2. Beautiful strawberry from your Secret Stitcher! I'm like you in the summer with raspberries. They grow in abundance in the woods around here and I could make myself sick out of eating them.

  3. Oh that strawberry (the one made out of linen) is gorgeous! What a nice present! And the real ones -- I bet you're looking forward to those babies coming!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think you took a great approach to teaching. Well done.

    Strawberry plants already? (jealous sigh) Lucky!
    I do adore the strawberry from your secret stitcher. Wonder if I can find a tutorial on that...hmmm.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Deine Erdbeere von Deinem "Secrect Stitcher" ist in Wahrheit wesentlich hübscher. Das ist halt immer das Doofe mit Bildern. Ich Wirklichkeit sieht alles viel schöner aus.
    Freue mich schon auf den Sommer, wenn wir die Walderdbeeren ernten können!!!
    Drückerle, Margit

  6. Sorry to post again. I nominated you for an award so go see my blog. :D :D

  7. Wow, I love that strawberry!! I have all the stuff to do it but of course haven't stitched it yet. I like the beginnings of the strawberry plants. Maybe they're extra tasty with that bit of crazy mixed into the soil. ROFLOL Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)