Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye-bye Birdie

Here are a few pics of my progress - the Baktus scarf, which seems like it is taking me FOREVER to knit.  But I am  almost there.

I started a new little sampler - Ewe & Eye & Friends  A Small Sampler - Third in a Series.  It is done on a piece of 40 ct. R&R.  I just needed something little that I think I can get done in less than a year.  I must say that the light green was driving me crazy because I could hardly see it.  Most of my stitching has to be done during the day since I am lacking a good stitching light at the moment.  

The alphabet is done over one - and surprisingly it is not giving me any troubles.  I have large picture window in the living room that I sit by to stitch, and the daylight serves me well.  I can now see why these sharp eyed little girls of days gone by were able to stitch those masterpieces without any daylight lamps.

I am leaving tomorrow to return to the States for 2 weeks to help a friend.  Here are the owl pincushions that I made for my stitching friends.  They are a little weebly-wobbly, but it is a gift from the heart.  I hope to have time to update from there.  I checked the weather and it is only a smidge better than here.  

Oh dear, my husband just called to tell me our household goods have arrived - *&#@!!!  That is really bad timing, or really good timing depending on how you look at it... I guess I'll miss that part of our move.  The control freak in me really frets about my husband being in charge of the unpacking - not to mention him discovering the extent of my stash...  Oooh Lucy, you gots some exlaining to do....


  1. I love those owls! Did you use a pattern and if so, please could you say where it was from? They're adorable!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you again Sylvia. Safe travels.

  3. OOOOOOOoooooooooh.....owls!!!! They are the CUTEST things ever. I've been dying to figure out how to make these since I saw some over on a blog years ago. And the photo is so cute too. And your new stitching start is fabulous. It must be hard only being able to stitch during the day. And oh, Lucy, I hope the stash won't require too much 'splainin.

  4. Ich reihe mich mal gleich bei den Eulenfans ein. Sie sind aber wirklich auch zu herzallerliebst! Da machst Du Deinen 4 Freundinnen eine gigantische Freude.
    Achja, über einen Faden sticken. Das ist mein "weak point". Ich wage mich einfach nicht dran, obwohl mit Ilse das schon mal gezeigt hat. Ich bewundere Dich dafür!!!
    Gut Ding will Weile haben. Du bekommst Deinen Schal bestimmt fertig!
    Na endlich!!! Euer HHG kommt und Du bist bestimmt überrascht, wenn Du Deine Sachen siehst und freudig rufst "Ohhh, das habe ich total vergessen, daß ich das habe!". Mir ging's zumindest so.
    Viel, viel Spaß in USA und komme bitte wieder gesund und froher Dinge zurück!!!
    Liebe Drückerchen, Margit

  5. Love the shawl! And the owls are adorable! Love the EEF piece too -- yes, daylight is great to see by, I agree. I hope the unpacking without you goes well -- I hear you on wanting to be in control. And especially about the stash! lol! I bet I know where you're going in the states. Lucky! Oh, and thanks for the offer of the pillow case pattern. My only problem is I would probably never make the pillowcases up! lol! Have fun on your trip!

  6. I bet I know what friend you're helping and what you'll be doing when you're in the US!! ;) I hope you have a brilliant time! Love the new start, and the owls are just too cute!! I would groan with frustration if my husband was left up to his own devices to unpack... it should be interesting to see where things end up when you return! As for the DH figuring out the extent of your stash, been there, done that, will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. LOL Safe travels!

  7. Have a safe trip back to the Good Ole US of A! Depending on where you are going...there might be lots of snow...but you're used to that;)

    The owls are so cute and I just love Ewe and Eye charts! I can't wait to see it finished!

    Safe Travels,

    -Holly in VA