Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Les Finis et Les Not-So Finis

Hello Friends ,

I know that on one of my previous posts I tantalized you with some thing to the effect that I have has some finishes... without further ado here they are.

This is Mermaid's Tiny Treasures by  Of Female Worth.  I stitched this with Crescent Colors of my choosing.  This is for my very sweet Stepmom  - she and my dad lived on a sailboat for almost 20 years, so I started this eons ago - she gave up asking for it.... but I will surprise her when I visit them on the 15th of this month.  I used a somewhat iridescent ribbon for the outside finishing, and it is pinned on with round flat beads that mirror the blue and the green in the piece.  Sorry for the washed out pic - I could not get it any better.  If you look closely on the second one you can see her bling around her neck.

Here is a little something something by Shepherd's Bush.  On my first on only SB retreat, we stopped by the fabulous Jill Rensel, and she had some frames she was giving away - I got that one, and finally used it for this little heart - I think they were made for each other.

This is little piece by Beyond Cross Stitch is the official start of my A& E wall... I also managed to stitch it in one day.... its a miracle.  Mind you I did not leave my stitching chair  all day - not to pee, not to eat, not to drink.... ok, I am exaggerating, but I have never stitched anything in one day.  I picked my own colors in HDF bu t they are very close to the ones called for.

Another little something something ( My Pins) from Shepherd's Bush - I need to track down the little button and finish it into the little pin cushion like the picture on the pattern shows.  

Here is my portion of a sampler our little stitching group stitched for the next birthday girl... its on  Aida with 2 strands of DMC... a bit of torture for me.

Last but not least here is my progress on ATS - the colors are a bit washed out.  I have a question,  the angel is supposed to have it's wings back stitched, but I really don't like the look - do you guys think I need to back stitch?  Here is a close up - let me know what you think.  

Oh, and last last, but really not least - I took a intro to quilting class this weekend - here is my mini quilt - I just have to finish sewing the binding.


  1. Wow! You've been busy! Love all your finishes! Lucky you to go to the SB retreat -- even if only once! I want to go at least once! lol! As for the angel wings on ATS, I vote no backstitching. I'm like you, I don't like the look. And DMC on Aida, torture! lol! The Aida yes. DMC isn't so bad though, is it? :D

  2. NOOOOO backstitching!!! Das würde das arme, hübsche Engele total verderben!
    Deine Meerjungfrau ist obersüß! Diese "special stitched" schauen fantastisch aus dazu!
    Dein Herz in dem weißen Rahmen ist ein Traum und die gehören wirklich zusammen.
    Dein Eintagessampler und das Herz sind knuffig!!!
    Gott sei Dank ging dieser Aida-mit-DMC-Kelch an mir vorüber! *kicher* Ist das Dingens jetzt bald fertig?
    Dein Miniquilt gefällt mir auch auf dem Bild, nicht nur in natura. Hübsche Farbwahl!!!
    Bis Donnerstag nach der Wörg ;)
    Liebe Drückerle, Margit

  3. I think with your fabric NOOOOOO backstitching! I may take mine out. It bugs me everytime I see it. So many pretty pretty things you've finished - love that mermaid. The ribbon you used is perfect for it. And the little framed SB piece - adorable!!! Your little quilt is so fun - love the colors...now you're a quilter!

  4. You have been really busy. All your finishes look great. Now you have me on the hunt for that little Adam and Eve Sampler. Love, love it. As far as ATS goes, I backstitched my wings in a medium grey just to get them to stand out a little bit, but it's all personal preference. Look at it for a while and if it continues to make you think you should backstitch, go for it!!

  5. I don't think your ATS needs backstitching--the wings are clearly visible so I don't think you need it. Love, love, love your finishes! YGG! Your quilt is wonderful, too. I have been obsessing over getting back into quilting. Easier said than done when marooned on an island where crafts/fiber arts don't seem to exist.

    Have a great weekend!