Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stuff R Us

Every morning I get up, I look around the devastation that is my house right now, and I ask myself where all this stuff came from... I diligently slog through an area pull out all the stuff, sort it into donate, sell, store or move piles.  On bad days there is also a later pile.  As I open boxes from the attic which belong to my DH (who has departed for Germany and from all accounts is really enjoying himself in his clean, kid-free apartment...) I see a bunch of junk & useless things.  When I open some of my boxes which have spent the last 4 years in the attic I delight at the treasures I find....sigh - it's all in the eye of the beholder.  It is so much harder for me to whittle down my own stuff, than for me to take an ax to the kid's or my husband's things.  

We are having a town wide garage sale this weekend, so here is the " prep area" - to be truthful, it is just another pile right now, which I will organize on Friday to put out on Saturday.

Much to my dismay the weather forecast calls for rain through Friday.  I can only hope it is rain free on Saturday.  All this garage sale stuff is spilling over into the house & right now I don't have any room to put the boxes packed for storage anywhere.  Its getting a bit hairy inside the house.

As to my stash... whatever I am taking it must fit into this armoire - ignore the mess on the top - right now it is another surface for some "later stuff".

A quick peek at my somewhat messy inside:

I know, I know, I can get more stash in this thing than I can stitch in 10 years, but deciding what to take & leave behind is HARD.  I have packed up three boxes to stash will have to add some more.  I was in my oldest son's closet yesterday, I looked up and lo & behold what did my tired eyes see - more stash....  Ok, well maybe its good my DH is in Germany already, or otherwise I  might be in trouble.   Off to do more sorting, packing and lots of sighing....

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  1. How in the world are you going to pare it down? Yikes!!! You will have to have a stash sale of your very own.