Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Sunshine Where Art Thou???

Last time I looked I thought I lived in the land of sunshine.  The weather forecast falsely promised some sun today.  In anticipation of that I sorted laundry, washed a load last night, so I could get right on hanging the laundry out to dry first thing in the morning.   I need slog through all the laundry one adult & 4 kids ( 3 teens) generate on a daily basis.  It has been rainy here for a loooong time.  I am one of those old-fashioned people who likes to dry my clothes on a line outside.  Needless to say the laundry pile is unbelievable ( I will spare you a pic).  This morning I woke up, got up, let the dogs outside & felt ....wait for it...drizzel!   Thoroughly defeated I shoved the waiting load into the dryer ( which is in shock since it has not seen action in about 18 mos).  I am on my third load and will grit my teeth now and see if the weather improves after the weekend, so I can do laundry MY way.

Speaking of weekends, I am off tomorrow to Houston where I will visit my dear friend Kerri.  She is my travel buddy.  We have taken 2 trips to Elegant Stitch retreats together, and are very compatible.  We have tons of fun together &  I am looking forward to this weekend like crazy.  We are going to the Quilt Show -  I am sure I will buy things I don't need, but since our moving poundage just got upped by the Army ( 16,000 lbs - WHO has that much???), a little indulgence is called for!

Since we are on the subject of Stash here is my armoire  that now holds everything stitching related I will take with me - tadaaaa:

Ok, well there is a little bit more in here:

And just a wee bit more here:

Oh, I forgot to mention my stitching basket, which at this point will remain a mystery since it is a mess.  Geeze, now that I think about it there is that basket on the other side of my stitching chair with some of WIP/UFOs ( the only reason they slip into the UFO category is because I am such a sloooooow stitcher).

Now that I have mentioned WIPs - here are the few that are getting any attention at this time.  Giving up on waiting for a nice sunny day to take artistic pictures, I am admitting defeat, & just taking pics by the patio door to get some natural light on them.  First is the newest Christmas Ornie by Milady's Needle which was released during the Online Needlework Show - I am stitching it off a draft since I begged Gloria to let me have it early so it would have a snowball's change in "you know where" of getting done for Christmas.  This one is for Adam, my 13 yo son who always gets an ornie with an animal on it.  This one eventually will have 2 deer in the middle.   This is stitched with Belle Soi on 35 Ct. Vikki Clayton linen.  It is so darling.  Oh dear, it is also sideways, I rotated it in the original file, but it keeps importing sideways & I am tired of messing with it.

Next is a Prairie Schooler Santa for my oldest son also on Vikki Clayton linen:

Finally here is Jenny Bean, who has not seen the light of day in a week.

So that is it for today.  Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. a) I want to see what's in the drawers of that armoire - it looks stuffed to the gills!
    b) you most definitely HAVE to show the stitching basket
    c) WIPs are so pretty...but methinks there is a stocking that is missing from these photos, or has it gone on vacation? :)

  2. ...und nächste Woche schreibe ich Euren Mietvertrag!!! Hurraaaaaaaaaa! Und dann wohnt ihr im selben Ort wie ich!!! 10 Minuten von mir entfernt *BIGFATSMILE*
    Ich bin aber bis 22. Dezember auf Kur an der Ostsee. Habe Deinem lieben Mann ein Kärtchen mit meiner Adresse für Dich gegeben.
    Freue mich schon auf Dich!!! Endlich eine Stickpartnerin hier im Ort!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Margit