Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Face of Swine Flu

Piggy Fever has struck the house - all four of my children came down with it.  I took the child with Asthma to the doctor right away & sure enough it's swine flu.  Everyone got Tamiflu & I got Relenza since Tamiflu did not agree with me last time.  So far it seems to be working & I don't have any significant side effects.  I am actually glad that we got it already & are done with it.  The kids were pretty miserable - the worst were the headaches.  Everyone is on the mend.  They will all return to school on Tues.  

The garage sale is over,  I can only rejoice in that.  Things have been delivered to Goodwill, I have bags of clothes sitting  on my front porch & I am deliberating if I will take them to my former workplace where there are lots of people who could use the clothes or do I donate those to Goodwill as well.  I also took the left over books to Half Priced Books & much to my surprise I got $60 for them.  Overall we sold a lot, but had tons left over.  Another 4 families brought stuff over to sell as well.  It was wild.  We will have to have another one the week before we move & this time we will have some furniture & larger appliances.... something to look forward to.   

I have been able to stitch - if only a bit here & there.  If the sun comes out today I will take a picture of Jenny Bean & some of my other WIPs & post them.  Right now I am off to fold some laundry & generally get my house back from disaster condition to excuse the mess but we are moving condition.  

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  1. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear the kiddos are sick. I hope you stay well! Can't wait to see your WIP photos - try to get in a few minutes for yourself, even with everything going on!! If you need help, let me know!