Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Not??

So, big changes are coming our way - we are moving to Germany! I am really very excited since that is where I spent much of my childhood. My DH is in the Army Reserves but going on active duty. The thought behind this move was to have a bit of an adventure while all the kids are still at home.

After breaking the news to my dearest friends - I am so lucky, I have some really wonderful friends, several of them said that I really had to start a blog & I thought :" Why not?" It would be a great way to chronicle our adventure over there. So here I am putting my first words down on in this blog, and I hope that over the next couple of years I manage to maintain it and let everyone share in our adventure.

Currently, my DH & I are getting ready to jet off to Hawaii on Friday. He will be there for 2 weeks working with the Army & I will be there for 8 days. My sister-in-law will come down for Iowa to take care of the kids ( isn't she a trooper). We are cleaning house, while simultaneously weeding out masses of stuff to get rid of. It is amazing what a family of 6 can accumulate.....Anyway, I still have tons of stuff to do before tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend.

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