Monday, September 14, 2009

SPf 50 Does NOT Prevent a Sunburn

So, three days in paradise & yes, I do have a pretty good sunburn going.  Not only that its a bit splotchy since I am using a spray on SPF 50 sunscreen.  Sheesh, you would think it would be safe to venture out to the beach with that SPF, but come to find out its protection is a bit lacking.  I was contemplating the SPF-85 but set it aside with a chuckle thinking it was overkill... live & learn.  So, today I am staying in the shade, enjoying the wonderful breeze that comes of the ocean.  I have been waking up around 3 am because of the time change (5 hrs difference) and consequently can hardly keep my eyes open past 8 pm.

I am going to attempt to post a photo of my first Hawaii finish - at the rate I am going it looks like it might the only Hawaii finish, but perhaps I'll pick up speed:

This is a freebie from The Workbasket that was kitted up by Shepherd's Bush at their last retreat.  Don't be aghast about it laying in the has been through worse.  Fabric & floss fell into a footsoak I was doing to beautify my feet before jetting off to Hawaii... a quick rinse revealed that none of it was I think the fabric is from R&R and the floss is from Crescent Color.  I will look at the red-stained tag when I get home provided it is still laying on my bathroom counter.  Shepherd's Bush also provided  some fabric to finish this little lovely into a pillow.  It will take all my sewing skills to accomplish this. Let me see if I can get the other picture of this posted...


  1. I love the photo of your pretty piece in the sand. What a fun pic! And horror that it fell in the foot soak - that sounds like something that would happen to me!!

  2. I want to know if your feet turned red? :)