Friday, September 11, 2009


We are off to Hawaii this morning.  I will be staying for 9 days, my DH ( who will be doing something there with the Army) won't be back until the 27th of September.  I am really looking forward to this break. My boss is having a minor freak-out, but I am sure things will be just fine.  My four delightful kids will be looked after by my wonderful sister-in-law.  We flew her in from Iowa since right after I come back from Hawaii, I turn around & leave for the needlework market in St. Charles to help Gloria of Milady's Needle.  I hope to have pics from Hawaii to post.  Needles to say I have packed lots of stitching.  I am hoping to get the majority of the ornaments done for the kids this year.  Last year I procrastinated & no one got any.... no mother-of-the year award for me!  Off to do last minute things.

Remember those who perished on this day eight years ago, and the heros who have sacrificed their lives since this terrible day.

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