Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday.  She is 12 today.  I  "cooked" her a special breakfast.  Actually, this and other fantastic creations can be found at Zuckerladen (Sugar Shop).  The site is a bit eccentric like the owner, but there is a slide show available for you to get a "taste" of the place.

Olivia was thrilled!

We also gave her an I-pod touch for her birthday. 

 Usually we are not that extravagant with our children, but since she has worked hard in school, and has been a trooper about the broken wrists, we decided to spoil her a bit.   When my son Adam heard this, he immediately tried to break his own wrists by throwing himself on the floor - what a goof ball.

Well, I am flying back to the States tomorrow for a Regional EGA seminar.  I am taking two Catherine Theron classes with two of my dear friends.  These are the two projects:

My Peaceable Kingdom and

American Sewing Roll. 

 I had signed up for these before we found out we were moving to Germany, and since it was a ton of money I did not want to just pass on these.  I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and doing what I love the most - stitching.  

I am only staying one week, so it will be a quick trip, and after I get back, we are turing right around and leaving for Italy.  We rented a cottage on the Italian Riviera with fabulous views of the ocean.  I can't wait.  I hope to squeeze a post in between my travels, but I am not promising anything.  

I am wishing everyone lots of stitching time and plenty of sunshine.


  1. Aw, that's so great! Happy belated birthday, Olivia! I think she deserves to be spoiled, poor thing! And your son -- lol! Tell him it's not worth it! Have a great time at the EGA seminar. You're so lucky to take so many classes from Catherine. Michelle knows to guard against me -- I've wanted to take those classes forever!

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Olivia! How lucky for you to be taking classes from Catherine Theron - i personally love the sewing roll. Wow! Enjoy your trip and have fun!

  3. Please to be bringing some of that "cake" for me. I will take a whole slice for myself. Happy happy birthday to Olivia. She deserves to be spoiled a bit. Can't wait for Thursday! Safe trip!!!

  4. That is something. I've never seen anything like it. And I don't blame you for spoiling Olivia, especially with those broken wrists. I have to tell you that I'm green with envy that you're taking those classes with Catherine! I hope that you have a wonderful time!!

  5. Happy birthday to Olivia! Enjoy your trip. Your projects are wonderful!

  6. I just took a class from Catherine Theron in May! I am almost done stitching it...now, it's the dreaded finishing! I hope you have an awesome time and safe travels!


  7. Dear, dear Sylvia, thank you for your kind words on my blog. Because you left them, I can now find your lovely blog. And LOVERLY it IS! ahhhhh... so wonderful! :)
    Happy Birthday Olivia and please show me your next trick w/your pup!!!! XO