Monday, June 28, 2010

Bella Italia

What a fabulous time we had in lovely Italy.  We started out quite early - 3:30 a.m. so not to get caught in any crazy backups that happen here frequently.  It took us about 12 hours to get to Andora - the weather was gloomy & rainy all the way.  It also rained Sunday morning, then the sun came out and the weather was perfect for the rest of our stay.

We went down to the beach and tested the waters - it was COLD, as you can see by Alex's quick escape from the water and Adam's shocked expression in the picture after that.  Only Olivia ( now castless - yay) marched right into the water - nothing was going to spoil her fun!

I did manage to get in as well a couple of times but mostly I was doing this :

What I discovered in Italy ( probably holds true for much of Europe) is that you are never too old or too fat to wear a bikini - a tiny bikini.  That the fat is just all over the place makes no difference.  I felt like an absolute prude in a tankini...but as God is my witness, you won't find me in a bikini unless I have lost a good bit of weight - even then it might be an iffy proposition.  

We also got a kick out of the men wearing capris.... the boys affectionately call them Shpants ( shorts/pants).  And only the Europeans can wear them with such flair.

I had to take this pic through our car window - did not want the fashionable man to notice.  Take note of the black socks and the brown shoes....

We feasted on a variety of things.  We had gelato everyday ( one time twice, because the gelato was subpar to the place we usually got it, so it did not count and we had to go back to original place).

Lots of pizza, hot and crispy out of the oven.

I made dinner once - here is the appetizer:  mozarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

We did not do much sightseeing - this was a relax and enjoy kinda vacation.  We staid in a lovely home with fantastic patios and garden - I will just post the pictures - they speak for themselves.  

As you can see, the cottage was on the top of a hill - here is a portion of the drive up - it was always a bit nerve wracking driving up since the road was very narrow - room for one car only.

The garden was delightful and I found a lemon tree and a grape vine growing there.

That one was too high for me to get - here is Erika trying though.

Here is Rob grilling some chicken and sausage and the grapevine is right above him.  It was loaded with grapes - alas they were not ripe.  I did not come away empty handed though:

The lavender was growing in the garden in abundance, so I brought home a little bit - it is currently hanging up drying on my porch and I will stuff the last Shepherd's Bush Heart that I stitched with it.  

Speaking of which, I worked on the outside of the American Roll ALOT - this is how far I got - this thing is going to take forever!!

The drive home was beautiful - since it was not raining we actually go to see the Alps.

But mostly the kids & dogs did this on the way home.

We will definitely return to Italy, it was wonderful, the people friendly, and the food cannot be beat.  


  1. Eeeendlich ist Olivia wieder mit gipsfreien Armen zu sehen. Sie ist bestimmt überglücklich und ich freue mich gigantisch für sie!!!
    Deine Bilder sind ein Traum, egal ob es die Landschaft oder das gute Futter ist. Ihr hättet es bestimmt länger aushalten können, grins.
    Deine American Roll ist um einiges gewachsen! Die wird echt toll!
    Ich freue mich schon auf Dich!
    Liebe Bussis und Drückers,

  2. Wow, it sounds like a wonderful vacation! What a beautiful and peaceful spot! Great progress on your American Roll!

  3. Ohhh I'm living vicariously though you right now. Gorgeous pictures.


  4. It looks like a fabulous destination!! I want to get there some day! Wonderful! And your American Roll will be stunning!!!

  5. Wow, it looks like heaven. Makes me want to get on a plane right now and go to Italy! Glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. You have been a busy girl since the start of your move to Germany! Talk with you Thursday.


  6. I'm glad you had such a great vacation! Love all the pics! That house you stayed at is gorgeous!! And yay for Olivia! She must be so glad to be out of those casts! Your American Roll is gorgous!

  7. It looks like it was the most wonderful vacation. The pictures are all beautiful! And your American Roll is simply wonderful.

  8. WOW - that's a great place you stayed!! I wish I had gotten to Italy while I was stationed in the UK - but only got to the continent once, to Amsterdam on a holiday weekend. Some day...

  9. So glad Olivia is out of the casts. What a gorgeous trip - I wish I was in Italy right now!!! I am so glad you had such a good time. And WOW - you've gotten a ton don on your Americana's so pretty. Now I need to get mine out - I'm inspired!

  10. Wow, Sylvia!! Thanks so much for sharing the pics. It looks like you stayed in a fantastic place, though I would be freaked at the drive up. LOL at the comments about the beach attire. I will never forget our first beach trip we did while living here. There was a woman, a full figured gal such as myself, wearing her black bra and black underpants as a bikini. We won't go into the lack of inhibition when it comes to changing in public, either. Apparently when one leaves the water, they believe themselves to be wearing an invisibility cloak. Yikes.

    Your Americana Roll looks great!

  11. Love your Americana roll!!! It's gorgeous.

    What a wonderful vacation, I am so jealous. Italy is one my favorite places :-).

  12. Thanks for posting the photos
    I'm Italian but have never been to Italy
    Enjoyed the tour :)

  13. just find your blog surfing on other blogs! I'm glad you like Italy as it's a wonderful place!Nice pics!Wonderful cross stitch works!