Friday, June 18, 2010


We leave tonight for Italy, but I wanted to wrap up my trip to the US, after watching a disappointing soccer match between Serbia and Germany... ok, we left off with the My Peaceable Kingdom Sampler.  That was a two-day class.  Our third day was spent working on the Americana Sewing Roll.  Again, here are some close-ups.

This is the main pocket,

And the pocket above.

I really like the colors in this .  Unfortunately I did not take a pic of the outside, which is all done in flame stitches.

Here is the needle book

It has a little pocket behind the needle pages to house the scrimshaw ( which is on order)

We had a very nice banquet - as you can see, Marie Z. and I are suitably serious for the occasion, Ava & Michelle however....

Our entertainment was a man from Antigua who taught us a bit about music and rhythm... along with none other than Michelle, who demonstrated rhythm very well.

Ava had a birthday while I was there and this is what I stitched her since she celebrated her birthday atop  the Eiffel Tower last year.  It is unstuffed in that picture, I had to wait to get to the States to get ground walnuts for the stuffing.  

We also celebrated another friends birthday and I stitched her a scissor fob - you can see the scissors I put the fob on in the background.

Wishing you happy stitching.  Ciao, until I get back from Italy.


  1. What wonderful eye candy! You will definitely have to take a picture of the outside of the piece - I bet the Flame Stitching is beautiful. Love your needlebook too - I love things with bee hives on them - and your other pieces are wonderful as well!

  2. Deine Geschenke sind märchenhaft geworden! Die Queen Bee ist natürlich mein absolutes Lieblingsteil!
    Was hätte ich dafür alles gegeben, bei dieser Class dabei gewesen zu sein. Ihr schaut alle fröhlich und zufrieden aus.
    Bussis, bis in einer Woche,

  3. Absolutely stunning stitching.Have a safe flight home.


  4. Oh dear. Photographic evidence. And it's too bad, really, that you can't see the lizard sticking his tongue out at Ava. The two pieces you stitched are stunning - I would have swiped them, but they were both being closely guarded - for good reason. I've got photos of the Florentine stitching I'll send you. Have some gelato for me!

  5. As Michelle would tell you, I want that Catherine Theron piece sooo badly! Would you believe I'm taking a Betsy Morgan class this weekend and she's one of the class members? Argh!!!!! Wouldn't you know it! lol! Love all the pics. Great present too!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic weekend you had, Sylvia! The class pieces are wonderful. I'm laughing at the pic of Michelle with the lizard. ;) Beautiful job on the Eiffel Tower pincushion for your friend, too. Enjoy Italy!

  7. The Americana Sewing Roll is just gorgeous :)