Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where is the Milk?

Good Morning!

I sit here on a cold and snowy morning with a cup of tea contemplating what to wrrite about in this latest blog entry.  Although I usually drink coffee in the morning ( we have this nifty coffee press/thermos thingy we bought at Ikea here), someone used most of the milk this morning for their cereal without considering that I might want more that 3 drops of milk in my coffee!  I could bundle up in the 15 layers in requires me to keep my thin Texas blood from freezing while I slip & slide down the hill to the Toker ( a produce store) and pick up some milk, but the view has convinced me that tea will be a fine substitute!

On a side note:  you can barely see that empty insane asylum ( as I like to think of it) toward the upper left  - even creepier now as it blends in with all the white....  There is plenty more snow in the forecast ... about 14 inches over the next 2 days - good sledding fun for the kiddos.

Back to milk.  We have found a farmer that sells his milk to the public.  You bring your spill proof containers ( ask me sometime about spilling 5 gallons of raw milk in my van....), drive up to the farm, and go into this little building where a large silver milk tank sits.  It is hooked up to a little dispensing machine.  You put the little fill-up hose into your container, take your 60 Euro Cent & throw it into the the machine and voila, it pumps out 1 liter of fresh milk from that morning.  At 7 p.m. the milk truck picks up the remaining milk, so you always get fresh milk.  It is a win/win for all - the farmer gets about double the money for his milk from his customers than what he gets from the milk cooperative, and we get fresh, raw milk for 2/3 of the price we pay at the store.  I know that some a creeped out by raw milk, but we have been drinking it for years and love it.

So, what have I been doing creatively?  Well, I am taking some sewing classes at the army base - they have an outstanding fabric/craft store there.  The first thing we made was a pillowcase - tadaaaa

Ok, the seam is actutally not crooked in the second picture - it must have just been the way I took the photo.  I still need to wash it before I use it.  These were super simple to make, and all the seams are hidden.  Of course I want to make one now for everybody I know....

My socks are done, but are in the laundry & I am too lazy to climb down two stories to retrieve them out of the cellar. They will have to wait for another post.  I also finished up the little baby gift - here it is in all its glory.

The reason it looks a bit bumpy in the photo ( it always amazes me how every flaw is picked up by the camera..)  is that I filled it with French Lavender.  Instead of the planned ribbon I used beads for the hanger & the bottom fringe.  Little Grace made her appearance last week a bit early, so my gift will be a tad late.

I also started stitching on my secret stitcher project  - sorry for the slight blur.  It is time to consult the instruction manual for better close-up photos.

I was making good progress, but managed to miscount and had to frog two days worth of stitching - which is what you get when you are watching one of the best series ever made:  Firefly!  I usually end this particular enjoyment with the movie Serenity and then go into deep mourning that there aren't and won't be anymore.  I do this once a year, and enjoy it thoroughly!  I have also watched some good movies such as the HBO version of Elizabeth the First with Helen Mirrin, Jeremy Irons & tasty Hugh Dancy.  Speaking of that particular eye candy I watched him in Daniel Deronda - also very enjoyable and his character was much more to my liking.  My DH are now watching Coldnitz which is an excellent WWII movie.  We have watched Part 1 and are trying to find some time for Part 2.

I started two new projects:

It is that Baktus scarf everybody is knitting.  Those round little balls are called Mozart Kugeln and are a delightful concoction of Marzipan, Pistachio Creme and Nougat surrounded by a delicate layer of dark chocolate.  Yumm.

I also started a pair of socks for my younger DS.  I decided I would try the toe up method, and although the start was a bit of a pain I persevered and got it going.  Lets see how the heel will work on this one.

That wraps it up for today - I am definitely staying in, although tomorrow or Saturday I will have gather up my layers and venture to the store.  I wonder if the dogs will insist on their walk today....


  1. Snowy weather = the perfect excuse to hunker down and stitch or knit (or both) your heart out! Congrats on the pillow case, and the finish for the baby! Woo hoo! YGG. I like the finishing, too. The knitting looks great.

  2. Oh, that sounds so interesting about the raw milk -- although spilling 5 gallons in your van doesn't sound like much fun! Love all the pics of knitty, sewy, and stitchy goodness! You've been busy I see! I need to learn how to make pillowcases -- mine are all falling apart. :( Hope the snow is enjoyable as opposed to cabin fever producing. :D

  3. The snow is beautiful! I wish I knew how to knit! My mom knits alot. She tried to teach me at a child, but it was futile! SHe's right handed and I'm left handed! I switched to cross stitch at the time and have never gone back!

    Enjoy your tea and relax! How peaceful!


  4. You'll have to explain raw milk to me (I'm a city girl for sure). Love the pillowcase! Now, I want to make one too. The beaded edge at the bottom of the baby gift is so pretty! I love the pink on the brown fabric. I've been working on my SS gift too - it's slow going. Probably because it has a due date, and you know how I am with due dates. I really am jonesing to knit a baktus scarf too. One of these days my brain won't be so full and I can re-learn how to knit - you're killing me with all the fun knitting. Everytime I see what you're knitting I point and yell "I want that!!" I need Elves. And OMG, chocolate, marzipan, pistachio, nougat??? Say no more - YUMMY! (Eric got me to try pistachios for the first time this weekend). Enjoy your tea and bundle up. It's raining here and they're saying we might get snow. I won't hold my breath...although it's snowed twice this winter so who knows. Can't wait to see you!! Not long now!!

  5. Good Lord. What am I writing, a novel???

  6. The pictures of the snow are soo beautiful. However, I think I still like warm weather!
    OH MY....5 gal. of milk. Does the van smell??
    How long did it take you to clean that and HOW on earth do you really get that much milk out of there?
    You know I am not into the knitting stiching thing...however...I will say you have done a beautiful job on the gift and pillowcase. If Nicole saw it she would want one! MISS YOU!

  7. Schöne Bilder hast Du vom verschneiten Neckargemünd geschossen! Am anderen Ende sind die Straßen total vereist und ich bin wirklich froh, daß ich meine 4 Wände nicht verlassen muß.
    Ach Du liebe Güte, 5 Liter Milch im Van verteilt? Das muß nicht sein *grusel*. Bitte sage mir doch das nächste mal wenn wir uns sehen, wo dieser Milchbauer ist.
    Dein Kissen ist echt toll geworden und Deine Farbwahl ist suuuuper!
    Weiter geht's... ICH LIEBE DIESES KISSELE! Das ist märchenhaft! Da paßt alles, der Stoff, Deine Garnwahl, das Motiv, das Knöpfchen usw. :)
    Danke! Jetzt tropft mir der Zahn wegen den Mozartkugeln, lach. Die sind himmlisch und wenn sie nicht schnurstracks auf den Hüften landen würden, dann würde ich sie konstant futtern.
    Bin schon neugierig auf Deine fertigen Socken und den Schal. Habe noch nie 'ne Socke an der Spitze angefangen. Das ist mir viel zu gefährlich für meine "Strickkünste".
    Drückerchen und noch ein schönes verschneites (heute nachmittag soll noch mehr Schnee kommen) Wochenende,