Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lovely Ladies

Yesterday I was invited to join a group of stitching/knitting ladies, and I had a wonderful afternoon.  It happened like this:

My DH Rob ( if you know him, you know he has never met a stranger) had an appointment at the Housing Office in Heidelberg to look for off-post housing.  He was assigned to a lady named Margit.  Well, while they were talking he noticed that her name sign on her desk was stitched, so he asked if she was a stitcher.  Now, having been to her sweet little apartment yesterday I can attest that she is a wonderful & prolific stitcher!  So, the connection was made between Margit & I.

Yesterday they had their monthly get together with an outing planned to a Quilt Exhibition.  Margit asked me to join them - incidentally she lives in the same little town that I live in - just on the other end.  It is an 8 minute bus ride over there ( unless the bus driver stops at a bus stop where his buddies are standing and has a 5 minute conversation with them & then gets stuck in the very old part of town because the weekly farmers market is going on & someone has not parked properly & the street is so narrow that we have to inch by and the bus driver has to stop the bus every 2 seconds (really!) to see if he still has room between the bus & the unfortunately parked car), and the bus literally dropped me at her door step.

Meeting the ladies was quite fun and I really like everyone. They are a talented, lively group and everyone was quite welcoming.  I did not get to take pictures because a child of mine ( we shall let that person remain anonymous) took my camera.  But the other ladies did take pictures and Margit has some wonderful ones on her blog here.  You can enlarge them & look around Margit's apartment and see some of her fabulous stitching.

The quilt exhibition was interesting, although the name quilt is a bit misleading. It was really an exhibition of art done with mostly fabric using some quilting.  Some of the "quilts" were wonderful, some just left you wondering.  It would have been really nice to find out what the artist was thinking and what some of the things incorporated into the quilt meant.  Overall, it was just so nice to get out and spend time with women who share my passion.


  1. Jaaaaaaaaaaa und ich bin wirklich froh, daß wir uns gefunden haben!!! Allerherzlichsten Dank nochmals für Dein wunderschönes Mitbringsel in meinen Lieblingsfarben!

  2. Isn't great getting together with others that enjoy the same things. My 2 freinds and I had a Stitch & Bitch yesterday and it was great.

  3. Oh, how fun! I'm glad you got to meet some like-minded people. :)

  4. Oh that's so great that you got to meet some ladies with like interests! Fantastic! I'm glad your DH was so observant!

  5. I'm so glad you had so much fun. I love that she's stitched Terre de France, Tesori d'Italia (one of my WIPS), and the German equivalent all in black and they're hung all together - fabulous!!! And the German bus driver sounds like the ones in Rome - hey, let's just stop the bus here and have a smoke. lol

  6. Hi girlfriend,

    I am excited that you have found a stitching home so quickly after your arrival. They do look like a friendly lot! In the first picture on Margit's blog you look a bit lonesome. I guess the other pictures were taken after you drank some of the bubbly! :) Indeed Margit seems to be a prolific stitcher. Love the black German Samplers! See you soon!


  7. I enjoyed reading your blog and the antics of getting to the shops, lol.
    Glad you have made new stitchy friends so quickly, i sometimes think i'm the only one in neighbourhood that stitches!

    I shall pop back again soon for a visit :-)