Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Bird Thing

Well, I have been busy over here - the weather has turned very Fall-like, with overcast skies and rain, rain, rain.  The dogs and I are back to walking in the woods now that the ticks have abated.  We have a real tick problem here and Lyme Disease is an issue.  After coming home twice with the dogs covered in ticks ( I do mean covered - it was GROSS), and me getting bit by ticks as well (GROSS, GROSS!!), I gave up walking in the woods for the summer.

Other than that, I have staid busy here at home.  My dad and stepmom ( who live in Germany) were here for a few day, and it was fun having them.

It was Erika's 18th birthday on Tuesday - I cannot believe my firstborn has hit that mile marker already.  One of our neighbors in Texas ( who's baby girl is now 1 1/2 years old)  reaction of  " Oh, crap" to the news that  Erika was turning 18 sums up my feeling on the matter very succinctly.

I made her some fingerless owl mitts ( she is big into owls) from a pattern from Ravelry.  It's my first attempt at mitts, and things turned out well - although on the first one I knitted the pattern backwards, and had to start over again... sheesh

These were knitt with some Wollmeise yarn from my incredible stash haul when we were down in Bavaria.

I also pulled out ATS on Sunday again - after the cloud I needed a break.  But I enjoyed the stitching I did on it this weekend- although the bluebird gave me fits, but then I realized that the ray of sun that I was using as a reference point was one stitch too short.

So, I am supposed to be stitching on all Christmas all the time right now, but have rebelled and started a new project that I am just loving.  Miss Ann Pennsylvania Peacock by Little by Little.  I just picked my own threads from my vast HDF stash, selected some PTP 40 ct fabric ( don't ask me what it is - label fell off)  and started stitching.  Did I already say that I love her?

These pictures do reveal my technique of stitching one strand of color and going on to another strand of color.  Since I have no self discipline, I  tend to switch color with every strand rather than finishing a motif.  I am thinking she will be less scattered looking on my next update.  

Now I do have a little beef with her - on that vine border, just to drive me insane, one of  the straight parts has 13 stitches in it, whereas all the other straight parts have 15.... of course, I did not discover this until I went back and started putting in the pretty, pretty flowers.   Well, by that time, all that you see on the bottom had already been stitched.  Uhhh, its not being frogged, that is for sure!!  Now, why can't designers point that out in their instructions?  Just a little FYI - it would be so helpful.

Alright, off to do my housework at lightening speed, so I can sit down and stitch some!


  1. Ticks - ick! Lovely WIPs and those owl gloves are very cute :)

    I noticed you'd had trouble with Belle Soie - I used some of their Sister Scarlet and found that it haloed terribly, especially if I had to rip any out. I was very disappointed, but must admit I haven't had that problem with any of the other (few) colours of theirs I've tried. I wouldn't rush to buy more though, especially at the current price.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! She is so pretty. I love the mitts that you made for her!

    Ticks--yikes. :P

    Great job on ATS! I found that it went fast enough once I was finished with that cloud.

    Love your Ann Pennsylvania Peacock start! Will the head fit on 40 count? I suppose you could always get it reduced in size so it doesn't look like a bobble head, LOL. I wish the chart had included more biographical information on her.

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! What great mits you made for her! The ticks sound absolutely gross! Love all your stitching -- ATS looks amazing! As for the border on Ann, yes, it's annoying, isn't it? I think This is the Day is the same way. I'm so paranoid about borders not being the same in some subtle way that I always check ahead to make sure they actually repeat. I assume you know the border in ATS starts not repeating after some point too?? Be aware! Your ATS is gorgeous! I started an SAL on Mondays, but I may have to be excused and stitch on both Sundays and Mondays to stitch with you and Michelle too! :D

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Don't they grow up fast. Mine became a teenager yesterday, well officially - she's been acting like one for years! LOL Love those mitts so much and will have to look for the pattern on Ravelry, and you're doing great on ATS and APP too. I love both of them!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter!! The owl mitts came out fabulous! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your DD! I love the owl mitts you knitted up for her!

    Wonderful progress on ATS and APP!

    You are funny with using a strand here and another there. I am one of those that tries to get all the stitches of one color done before moving onto the other one. I'm not doing that with WMHB though because I'm scared of miscounting! lol

  7. OMG I am in love with the owl mitts. They are to die for. Must have a pair for myself. One of these days I suppose I should take Kim up on the knitting lessons, huh? ATS is looking amazing. You are leaving me in the dust. I am determined to beat it into submission though! And APP is beautiful as well - such lovely colors. No wonder you're jumping around.

  8. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Sylvia - LOVE the owl mitts - I am an avid knitter also and am on Rav WAY too much but it is a great resource. Wollmiese - WHEEEEE - you lucky girl - I don't have any in my stash - it is lovely stuff - a couple of my friends here in FL have some. I'll get some one of these days. Your ATS and Ann is great progress - I always want to start ATS when I see and hear other working on it. Don't have Ann in stash but have always loved her too. Enjoy it ! Melody

  9. I love them owl mitts, I really wish I could knit, I do crochet here and there.
    Your ATS is looking great. I stitched it and couldn't put it down, it took me a little over a year. Good Luck with it.
    I had fun browsing your blog. I will be back