Friday, September 17, 2010

Finishes & Stash

So, I got to do some retail therapy while in France.  Here is what I managed to come home with.

The upper left is a book of alphabets but in cartouche style, then the latest issue of Mains & Merveilles with a couple Renato Parolin chart and a cute sampler in it, the newest book from Isa Vautier, a Marquoir book that is very out of print' the latest issue of Broderie, and the new book from Refletes de Soie with 5 reproduced English samplers.

This is the project that I liked in the Isa Vautier book - among some others.

I also finished some ornaments

Now the upper left  ornie, which was designed by Milady's Needle, I mostly finished last year for Adam. I pulled it out to put the last few stitches in and what do I notice...

The brown deer have some haloing going on around them - you can see it more towards the antlers.  This was stitched with the recommended Belle Soie.  I really have to say I am so disappointed with this silk.  For this kind of money ($7.50 per skien), I expect to receive a top notch product, not something where the dye rubs off or starts spreading onto the fabric.    When I say rubs off,  the Peacock Pinkeep by Blackbird Design used Belle Soie, and when I received my package, the red Belle Soie had left pinkish streaks across my fabric, from the friction between the two during shipping.  So, I have to honestly say I am not a fan of Belle Soie.  Love some of the colors, but there are some serious quality issues going on. Ok, enough of that.

The next item I finished was this 2002 Prairie Schooler Santa for Alex

Up next another BoaF angel for Erika.

Finally - not an ornie but one of the scissor companions from Ewe & Eye 

Wishing everyone a very stitchy weekend.


  1. Hello Sylvia - your ornaments look great along with your new stash items. Reminds me that I need to get busy stitching a couple to add to my collection and one for the guild ornament exchange. France is one country that I really want to go to along with Italy. Hopefully will be able to amke it over that way nest year - takign my wife with me.

    I do agree with your comments on the Belle Soie - I am not a fan either. The red silk especially. This left red streaks across my fabbie when I used it in my Sarah Woodham earlier this year. After spedning all that time on a wonderful sampler just to have the colors bleed. Luckily I used a fabric that had a little bit of red/pinkish tint to it so in some ways it adds to the charm. But still you do not expect silk threads to do that.

    LAgain beautiful work - Robert

  2. You brought back some wonderful stash from France. All of your ornaments look terrific. Congrats on getting so many stitched so early in the season.
    I've been fortunate with the Belle Soie silks and have not had the haloing problem that others have encountered. I wonder how long my luck will last? I really enjoy stitching with the BS.

  3. Love your stash!! And love all your finishes as well! I had the exact same problem with the Belle Soie on my Sarah Woodham. It's really awful! Luckily it only bled within the square that the verse was in, so it vaguely looks like it was on purpose (the bleeding). I really don't like it though. I'm hoping I never run into that problem again. I agree -- so expensive for something that runs and bleeds. Not good! But your finishes are gorgeous anyway. :D

  4. Great new stash! And wonderful ornament stitching. I do have to agree with you on the Belle Soie. I've used it limitedly and have had problems with bleeding. Not to mention being really careful stitching because you can see the dye after frogging. One skein rubbed off on my linen as well and I tried to rinse the extra dye out but ended up ruining the skein of silk. That was a costly mistake! I just bought some Belle Soie for a new project. I am wondering if these skeins will behave better.

  5. Sylvia cute ornaments I am about to start Sarah Woodham so I shall change the red silk out to avoid potential your stash I so want Marquoir d'Angleterre

  6. Wow! I love that Prairie Schooler Santa! Very patriotic!!

  7. Wow, beautiful stitchery...just awesome!!

  8. Ugh. That's terrible that is bleeding a bit without even having gotten wet! I wonder if you could 'set' it yourself using vinegar/heat like you would do with yarn? You shouldn't have to go through that trouble though! What a bummer. :(

  9. Oh wow french magazines! I am drooling. Love all your little finishes. x

  10. SheDANG!! Gorgeous finishes--I fell off the ornament wagon and need to get back on. Love your new stash, too! Sorry to hear about the Belle Soie problems. I love their thread but then, haven't had any problems with it. I am not sure if I'm getting a red mark around the verse on Sarah Woodham--I don't know if I'm looking too hard for something that isn't there, or it is there & I just don't want to see it (yes, I'm a spaz). But, I agree, $7.50/skein is too much to pay to worry!

  11. Love the French books! Nice work with the ornament stitching. I must admit that I have been quite dissapointed with the quality of Belle Soie silks as well. No where near as good as many other brands.