Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Olivia- Now & Then

Well, its never boring here!  My youngest child - Olivia (11) is quite the tomboy, she live life with great zest and enjoyment.  Here is a picture of her in her current state.

Yes,  the grimace is due to pain, and yes, the splints are due to two broken wrists.  She had a good time on the playground though.  We are currently working our way through the very convoluted system of military healthcare to get her an appointment for her casts.

Here is a pic of her about one year ago.

Yes, its a hospital room.  Last year,  she got an acute, spontaneous bone infection deep in her hip bone (cause unknown) which was quite resistant to antibiotics.  We were in & out of the hospital and she missed an entire semester of school.

She is in good spirits but still in a great deal of pain.  She did mention proudly that she has almost gone 12 years without breaking a bone.  That's my girl!


  1. Oh dear! Poor Olivia!!! I hope the pain goes away soon -- broken bones hurt a whoooollle lot! I know from experience! Not fun! And an acute bone infection? Wow! Your Olivia sounds like my son -- he's the one that always gets the health issues. Although no broken bones yet, knock on wood! I'm hoping that will be never! Tell Olivia to feel better.

  2. Das arme Wurschterl' hat wirklich Pech! Ich bringe ihr am Donnerstag auch ihre Lieblingsschoki mit um ihr die Zeit etwas zu versüßen. Sag ihr bitte liebe Grüße und ich hoffe, daß sie ganz schnell schmerzfrei ist.
    Bis Donnerstag!!! *hurra*

  3. Sending lots of healing to her - she's had her fill of hospital rooms, I'm sure. I hope they can get the casts put on soon, so that she has more movement. Big hugs to you both.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! Poor thing. Two broken wrists--YOUCH! Big hugs to both of you!

  5. Ach du Schande, die arme Maus!!! Hoffentlich heilt alles gut und sie ist die Schmerzen schnell los! Ich wünsche Euch beiden viel Kraft und Geduld in der nächsten Zeit!