Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance....

Its cloudy  - and I am not referring to my view out the window, although its cloudy there too.

No, no I am referring to this:

The never-ending cloud - most Sundays I take out this bad boy and stitch away - cloud, cloud, cloud... since I do not possess any of those smoking needles that SiobahnMargaret or Robert have this  might take a while -  a looooong while.  It will be great though when it is done, until I get to the dreaded grass portion at the end.  My super optimistic  PIC( partner in crime) on the ATSSS ( And They Sinned Sunday SAL) -  can you tell Army life is getting to me ; they have abbreviations for EVERYTHING - pointed out to me that the grass was probably worse than the cloud - yay, something to look forward to.   I personally think that I will be so excited to get be nearing the end that I will just whip right through the grass ( yeah, right..)

On to other finishes.  I stitched these little SB kits while in bed with the worst of the Pleurisy.

Don't know how I will finish them yet.

I also managed to finish Jenny Bean.... finally!!

I stitched the some of the verse during the Pleurisy crisis - it seemed appropriate.

On the quilting end of business here is what I have been working on:

I finished my first quilt top called Ashley's Journey using Charisma fabric - I still need to applique some chunky flowers onto it. , but I love it.  Most of the seams meet exactly - although I did cut the squares a 1/2 inch too small.... that is what I get for not going back and reading the pattern before I whizzed along with my rotary cutter.  

I also did a table runner with Varna fabric, which was fun.

It is not perfect, as you can see, but it is my first quilted project done completely on my own.  The next one will be better.  You can actually make three table runners out of one charm pack.  Pretty neat. 

That is it for today - we are getting ready to enjoy a 4 day weekend here, on Monday we are going on a outing to the Alsace ( France).  I am looking forward to it.  

Although I have steered clear of any political comments on this blog, I do want to mention that President Obama's decision as the Commander-in-Chief not to attend the Memorial Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary in favor of R&R in Chicago greatly pains and saddens me.  I hope everyone enjoys Memorial Day, and thanks a soldier for their incredible sacrifice and service to our country.


  1. I had to crack up about your comment on armies and abbreviations. Computer Science people do that with a vengeance as well! lol! Love your ATS! And congrats on your Jenny Bean and SB finishes! They look great! I also love your quilt finishes. That Verna fabric is a favorite of mine. The runner is so pretty -- and the big quilt is gorgeous as is!

  2. Hi Sylvia, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I could help you out with the restaurant. I actually ate there twice during the trip. Fabulous!

    I'm so enjoying your blog. What a treat to see the samplers at Celle and to be able to photograph them. Thanks for posting the pics.

    Congratulations on your finishes. I love Jenny Bean and the table runner is beautiful.

    Hope everyone recovers from illnesses and broken bones!

    Happy stitching! Sherri

  3. OK, PIC, I really was trying to make you feel better about the cloud. LOL...just wait until you are done with it and laughing at me because I am still slogging away at it. Yayayayayay for Jenny Bean!! And OMG, where did you get those scissors? They are fabulous! And I love the colors in your quilt - so fun and bright. I hope though, that you don't bring that table runner anywhere near me, because I will have to steal it - cough - ahem, I mean, it might get misplaced.

  4. Since I am not an Obama fan, I will say I am not a bit surprised :-(.

    Love the tablerunner, it's gorgeous and your ATS is wonderful.

  5. Wow Sylvia - you have been so busy! I can't believe all the great things that you've made. I just love that table runner - I've never seen that done before - a great way to use some of those charm packs.

    And don't be discouraged by the cloud - it's a lot of fill in, but don't give up!!

    And re: Obama - that figures!

  6. Die Wolken hier bei uns gehen mir langsam aber sicher auf die Nerven. Vor allen Dingen, wenn ich mit einer gewissen Sylvia und den zwei superlustigen Wuffis durch die Wälder trapse und die Wolken ihre Schleusen öffnen, grins.
    Dein ATSSS schaut doch schon ziemlich gut aus! Das bringst Du fertig, da bin ich mir gany sicher!!!
    Tja, das liebe Militär mit den unmöglichen Abkürzungen treibt mich des öfteren in den Wahnsinn, grrr! *grins*
    Bei dem hübschen Herzchen mußt Du bestimmt Abstriche machen, weil da eine gewisse Margit ihren Kaffee drauf verewigt hat *schäm*. In Wirklichkeit ist das Herzchen noch VIEL zarter!
    Dein Schäfchen mit dem Bienenstock ist sooo goldig! Ich würde da wahrscheinlich ein Pinkeep oder ein Kissele draus machen.
    Du weißt ja, daß ich Deine Jenny Bean vom ersten Augenblick an bewundere. Die ist einfach hinreißend und hier nochmals lieben Dank, daß Du mir die Vorlage und das Restgarn geschenkt hast!!! *Bussis*
    Deine Quilts sind wunderschööön!!! Ich finde die Farben und Zusammenstellung echt supergut gelungen!
    Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ich freue mich auch auf den Elsaß mit Euch!!!
    Liebe Drückerchen,

  7. Woo hoo!! Congrats on your finish of Jenny Bean! I love the quilt top and the table runner, too. I am hoping to make some table runners... I am probably delusional thinking that it'll help keep my family from eating in the living room (and putting their drinks on the table), but I live in hope. Love your other stitching, too. On ATS, I found the cloud to take the longest. The grass was a PITA but I was so positive that I'd mess up on the diagonal stitching lines that I did all GAST Green Apple (the lighter of the two colors--think that is the name of the color) on it.

    Regarding Obama not going to Arlington, I had a discussion about this with some friends. I first have to say that I am not firmly a Republican or Democrat because I believe strongly in issues that both parties support--and both parties disagree upon. So, that said, on Memorial Day, Obama attended Memorial Day ceremonies at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary in Illinois. I know that some friends wish that he was at Arlington and I can absolutely understand that, as a daughter, granddaughter, niece and sister of men who served in all branches of the military. However, all three of the last Republican presidents did not attend Memorial Day services at Arlington during their tenure serving our great country. GWBush attended Memorial Day services at Normandy in 2002. Not Arlington--but wow--Normandy. What a wonderful way to honor those veterans buried there. I have more of an issue with Reagan, who opted out of Memorial Day ceremonies one year to attend a seminar in Williamsburg. I think he also went to Russia one year, too. Daddy GWHBush, himself a veteran, attended Memorial Day services in Kennebunkport, Maine while on vacation. I can understand wanting Obama to have been at Arlington, but think the others should have been held to the same standard. I say all that while adding that I am not an ardent Obama fan.

    Thank you to your husband for his years of service to our wonderful country, which enables us to offer our opinions freely. Thanks to you, too, for the sacrifices that you make to enable him to serve our country.

    Enjoy Alsace! Share some pics!!