Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Long & So Long

Ok, its a silly title.  It is early here & I have been up for a while already trying to get rid of a killer headache.  The first refers to the fact that I have not posted in such a long time.  My apologies.  I have been crazy busy getting things squared away for our move.  I think the last I wrote we were getting the total 16,000 lb allowance to move.  Well, its been like a roller coaster - 800lbs, then 1,600 lbs, then 4,000 lbs, wait you can have the entire 16,000 lbs, well actually we are only going to give you 4,000 lbs... & as of this moment we are back down to 1,600 lbs with the allowance for 4,000 lbs in the works.  Since the movers are coming on the 8th I hope it all gets worked out.  On Monday, I found out that the movers weren't even scheduled to come for our overseas stuff....wheeee, what fun that was.  Boy, the Army sure does have its ways.  Anyway, on Monday our stuff gets picked up for long term storage here, and on Tuesday our stuff for overseas gets picked up.

We were going to have another garage sale, but it is cold here & I am inclined to disincline.  I think I will send out the call to our friends to come on by & pick out anything they want ( of the sale items) & then give the rest to Goodwill.  The tax deduction should be better than the garage sale price anyway & it will save me a ton of time.  Our Van gets picked up today ( the let me know yesterday afternoon - nothing like giving notice), so we are running to the airport this morning to rent another car.  I am getting my hair cut for the last time this afternoon & then I have my last stitching Thursday.  We try to get together most Thursdays at Barnes & Noble to stitch & talk.  We do ALOT of talking.  Its great, because we can get great coffee there, delicious treats, look at the latest magazines, & the company is always outstanding.  I will dearly miss my stitching friends - I cannot even tell you how wonderful they are. Here is just one example of their generosity & kindness. Our guild had its annual Christmas party and we always have an ornament exchange. Well, I mentioned that I would not participate this year, because I was just so busy.  Well, my sweet friend Gloria stitched me an ornament so I could take part in the exchange.  Wow, I am so touched.  At the exchange I got a fabulous little bag that my other dear friend Kim stitched - am taking it over in my luggage so that I can put it up right away in my new house.

So, I leave you with pictures of yesterdays snow fall.  I hear there is more coming.  I think it is Texas' way of tell us so long.


  1. Safe travels, Sylvia! I am sure you'll be crazy busy in the next month. Best of luck with everything!

  2. I may cry. The snow was pretty though, wasn't it? You'll have to be sure to show the pretty bag and the A&E box, when you get unpacked.