Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Paris

For everyone who has patiently waited for my stash pictures - here they are.  I was fairly conservative, BUT next year I will have a plan, and damage will be done.

Reflets de Soi - Ann Mitchell & Heloise Cornu each flanking Muriel Brunet  MB 1841

Heloise Cornu - I know its bright!  It was done on 32ct Silk Gauze with AVAS Soie Surfine - a total dream!!

I love the Eiffel Tower pattern by Jardin Prive , the ohter owe is by Natalie Jo from Atelier Perdu

AVAS for Jane Atkinson - No its not cheaper to buy it in Paris....chaching!

A bit of trim.....

This one was so feminine - I could not resist.
Now for the two Reflets de Soie samplers, thread packs are available, so I think that is the route I will take - its much cheaper than buying each the colors seperately.  I am planning to do Heloise Cornu on silk gauze - she looks wonderful that way.

Now for some more Paris pictures, just to put you guys into sensory overload...

Yes, they are real.... and expensive!!
One of the fun things in France is the food....

Yummy, yummy food

Oh la la - le Fromage....

The produce...

Such large & beautiful strawberries...
I wanted to buy a little of everything

And pasteries....

And chocolate....EVERYWHERE

More hip-exploding pasteries....

Beautiful flowers

Ginormeous crepes

Hope I did not blow anyone's diet!

Here is a lovely statue of Jaon of Ark

Champs Elysee at night towards the L'Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysee towards the Place de la Concorde & some French hair...

I leave you with some images of the Catacombs, the underground querry beneath Paris where eventually 6 million Parisens found their final resting place.  At first, the bones were thrown in, later they were organized in the stacks you will see in the photos.  These were taken without flash, as it was forbidden to use it down there.  The black line you see on the ceiling still remains from when people walked through the catacombs by candlelight only, and this was their guide through the catacombs.  Let me tell you, it was difficult enough with electric light, but going through there by the light of the candle, which you carried.... NO THANK YOU!!

See the ground water way down there - quarry workers used to cool their feet in this...

Stop:  Here is the Empire of Death - a slightly distrubing entrance to the Ossuary

Uuhh, creepy

Skulls and femuers were used to build a wall - the rest of the bones were thrown behind this wall.

There were A LOT of bones - and we only got to see a fraction of them.

  To climb back out you have to climb up a very tight spiral staircase with higher than usual treads.... there are 82 of them.  I was behind a group in which an elderly lady was struggeling to get up these stairs, and although I could not see her, I could hear her moans, and groans.  For some reason it filled me with anxiety, and much to my shame, I just wanted to climb over that group, shove her out of the way and escape to the fresh air.  I did manage to keep my flight impulses in check and I don't have to mention how glad I was to get back up the to the surface!  

I leave you with my first onrie of the year - LHN Fa-La- La - over one.

I stitched this over one, because over two was just getting too big, plus my stitches looked like a kindergartner was having a good time - don't know what was up with that.  Its very petite, and I love it that way.

Until next time,



  1. OMGoodness! I'm claustrophobic and I don't think I would have been able to resist the impulse to push my way out of there (actually, I probably wouldn't have gone in in the first place, but still). Great photos though and I love your little over one ornament finish :)

  2. I love over one! Your LHN ornie is wonderful! The Catacombs -- eeek!!! Thank you for the pictures though. I recently read a novel (Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly -- it's so good!) that had the Catacombs in it so it was nice to see what they actually look like. Love all the Paris pictures! And your stash is so yummy! I have Heloise. So it looks nice on silk gauze, huh? Maybe I should do that too..... And there are silk sets for sale? I wish they did that here. i'll have to gather my own supplies. Thanks for all the lovely pics -- I really enjoyed them! You definitely have to get more stash next time you go!

  3. Love the over one LHN ornament. So sweet. Thanks so much for sharing all those great pics from Paris. The fruits and flowers reminded me of the Farmer's Markets on my visit to France several years ago.

  4. OMG, I am hungry and thinking about a trip to Paris now!!!! Fabulous pictures and great stash :-).

    Congrats on the finish, love it stitched over one!

  5. Wow, all the recaps on AEF are really making me want to go next year and just make a vacation out of it. It looks wonderful! Great stash and your ornie finish is soooo cute!

  6. OMGosh -- I think I MUST move to Paris and just eat and eat and eat!!!

    I think I would have been right there with you pushing that group along. LOL That is one seriously creepy place.

    Cute ornie --- takes my thoughts right off the skulls and femurs.

  7. After seeing all of those pics I just have to get there somehow!! I love the trim that you bought. It's so different and pretty!

    I've seen pictures of the catacombs before and it looks like one very creepy place. I think I'd be very anxious to get out of there!

    Great job on your ornie!

  8. I'll have to look into visiting the Catacombs next time I go... Great stash!

  9. Wääääh, wo ist denn mein Kommentar?
    Ich habe einen ganzen Roman geschrieben, daß ich Dein FaLaLa so hübsch finde, mein Schokitörtchen den Abend nicht überlebt hat, Frongreisch, Schoki, Wein, Käse und Backwaren LIEBE, Panik vor den Katakomben schiebe... und alles ist weg, grrr.
    Aha, habe dieses "confirmation" nicht gesehen gehabt. (Mist!)

  10. Very nice pictures in Paris!! I can smell the fromage and chocolates... I enjoy over one, too :) I just have to set my mind to do that under the good lighting. Yummy new stash looks very tempting and enabling, too!!

  11. Those are easily the most stunning roses I've ever seen in my life. *jaw drop*

    Awesome, awesome stash! I particularly love the girlie trim. Very darling. :)

    Gosh, I got a little anxious just looking at the catacomb pictures, I can't imagine how it felt kinda feeling like you were 'stuck' (i.e. held up) down there. *shudder* Can you get cell service down there? Haha! I've found a few games of Solitaire does wonders for anxiety some times. ;)

  12. What great stash you picked up! You have some lovely photos, but now I think I need to have a morning snack, all those food photos have made me feel very hungry.

  13. Oh my gosh!!! Paris must have been magnifique. And stitcher's heaven at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing all the fantastic pictures.

  14. Allll of myParis memories are flooding back to me now! Thank y! You've made my day. Everything, and I mean everything is so much more colorful, artistic, beautiful! Until you see it for yourself it is hard to believe! It is really real! Beautiful blog you have.... Xo

  15. Where do I start? With the cheese (a favorite of mine)? With the chocolate? With the photo of the "French hair" (I laughed and laughed at that)? With the stunning roses? With the impeccable selection of stash you brought home? Perhaps with the utter cuteness (so much cuteness I might die) of that ornament over one. OMG. Now I have to stitch these all over one. Oh wait, I don't own any of the patterns. But I must stitch them immediately!! Tiny tiny - so cute!

  16. I didn't know there were catacombs in Paris when I went a few years ago. I know, duh. I think I would have liked to visit, especially after reading "Revolution" by Jennifer Donnelly (you MUST read this book). Hearing about the spiral staircase, though--eek!! I think I would have been fine wth the bones but then it's easy to imagine something and think it'll be okay as opposed to actually being in the situation. I loved all the pics but am now hankering for some strawberries. YUM.

    Great new stash!! I love that Heloise. After reading "Revolution", I was seized with a want to stitch a ton of French samplers but of course haven't started one yet. I need to dig out my Muriel Brunet book.

    Nice finish!! And over one--you go girl!

  17. Ahhhhhh...I'm drooling all over my keyboard over all that wonderful stash AND food!!!! That must have been a fantastic trip :o)

    Your finish is adorable over one and SO tiny!

  18. Thank you for sharing the show - how can we get the info needed to attend next year's show.
    You are so right Reflet de Soie is fabulous - I also have H. Cornu but have not started - it may just be faster for me to frame the chart!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh Sylvia! Thank you for the pictures of your Parisian adventure! I am just pea green with envy! What an amazing trip! I hope to get there one day. Oh, and the catacombs are facinating! Again, thanks for sharing!

    Shenandoah Sampler