Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Phone, No Internet

Well, I think the threats that the Blogger Police issued were not idle threats.  On Tuesday we lost both our phone and internet.  Long story short - we are switching providers and we got lost in the shuffle one turned it off early and the other does not have us scheduled for our new connection until the 18th of December, but I called to beg for mercy and see if they could do it any earlier... we just got our notice in the mail and now our  new connection date is 21.12... say WHAT???  That is not better - that is worse, like 92 hours worse!!!  Well, lesson learned, no begging for mercy, no phone calls. I accept my punishment from the Blogger Police and will wait it out ( with some private wailing and teeth gnashing).   I will update when my beloved internet is back. Until then, here is wishing everyone a wonderful pre-Christmas season.


  1. Dontcha love it. Nothing happens fast in Europe!!!

    When we moved to Belgium we had huge issues getting our phone hooked up. They kept giving us dates and then nothing. Our wonderful Belgian landlord was over and my DH was telling him about our problem, mind you Lucien only spoke French. Lucien told my husband come with me, he went to his home got a bottle of wine and then he and my DH went to the home of the head of Belgacom in our area :-). Lucien and his friend talked and the next day we had our phone, LOL.

  2. Oh bummer!!!!! I can't live without my internet. lol! Hope they come sooner than they're saying. Have a wonderful Christmas! Hope you're not getting too much snow!

  3. Oooh, the Blogger police only wanted to encourage you to blog more often. Apparently some of the Blogger police went rogue and started shutting off your ability to do so. Stupid Blogger police - what gives?

    Hope you're back up and running soon!

  4. Oh Boy...So, guess this is how we stay in touch? No email either? :( Well, you will be doing double time to catch up with everything. Here's to back up and running soon!!

    Miss you.


  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hope you are back up and running soon. I start getting twitchy when I am away from the computer for too long. Hang in there!