Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going Batty!

It has been a busy time.  Our Normandy trip was wonderful - this is the B&B we stay in when we visit.

It is right across from La Fiere Bridge which the US Paratroopers needed to secure, and they did.  Many of our brave men died right here holding this bridge.  

Right across the street is the Iron Mike Memorial.  

If you ever have the chance to visit Normandy, I can highly recommend our B&B  La Fiere.  Have a look.

While dashing in & out of Paris, I managed to visit Des Fils Et Une Aigulle.  What a lovely shop and a great deal to see and buy.  Sadly, she did not have many historical samplers.  Here are  a few shots of her window display.

She had a model of Plum Street Sampler's Paradise Lost done over one... totally drool worthy.  Now that I have seen it, mine MUST be the same.  She also stitched LHN's Hillside Travelers over one... so, so cute.  

We also survived Prom, if just barely.  Here is a group shot of Erika's group - she is in red.

Alex also went to Prom.  Rob and I just thought he looked so handsome, and oohed & aahed over him - much to his dismay.  He is a bit squinty because of the bright, setting sun.  LOL.  But still, getting him to wasn't going to happen.

Erika and her date Vite.

Well, after Erika's group had left for dinner we continued to wait with Alex for his date.  After 30 minutes, we encouraged him to give her a call but he could not get ahold of her.  We waited and waited - and we watched Alex wait... another 30 minutes passed.  We were so upset on the inside and trying not to let Alex see it.  After about one hour of waiting he finally received a text from a friend of his date - she had lost her cell phone, got held up at the hairdressers, and finally made it home to use her mom's phone to text her friend to she could, in turn, text Alex.  She was on her way!  

So, we shooed away by Alex, but waited around to get a glimpse of his date, literally running past us - totally ignoring the perils of high heels and cobblestones.  We did try to take a photo on the sly, and this was the best we could do. 

I am happy to report that a good time was had by all.  Over dinner Rob and I figured out that we still have another 5 years  of Proms ahead of us.  Sigh.

Oh, and here is where these lucky children get to have their Prom - Heidelberg Castle - in the part that still has a roof - not the in the ruins, lol.

I have been keeping busy on the stitching front.  My third ornament from LHN is done - over one. 
I really enjoyed stitching this one.

I also finished BBD - Simple Things.  It has been in my WIP basket too long, and one of my stitching goals this year was to knock out some of these WIPs.  At my rate, I think it will have to be a 10 year stitching plan.

ATS has also seem some action and I am so happy to report that Page 1 is behind me!  I am hoping Page 2 stitches up a bit faster.

Please ignore the upside down Adam & Even needle minder... things you see after you take the photo.  Sigh.

I could not find my travel project when I left for the trip to Paris, so I grabbed another project that I had kitted up and really wanted to stitch.  BBD - Live Each Season.  Since we are doing several trips this summer with visitors, I am hoping it will see some decent needle time and perhaps I can get it finished before Fall.  I am stitching is on the called for R&R fabric which I have had for several years.  I have to say that I am disappointed that most of the coffee dyeing has disappeared.  I have noticed that this has happened with most of my R&R fabric.  As much as I like the effect, I think I am done buying their linen.

As to the title of this post.  Erika and I had a  close encounter with a bat two nights ago.  Around 1 a.m. in the morning Erika runs into our bedroom and tell me that there is a bat in the living room.  Rob, who must have been sleeping even deeper than I was told her not to wake us up because of a bat.  Huh??  Well, I jumped out of bed, and Erika and I "bravely" confronted the bat situation - me, crawling on hands and knees to turn the lights off and Erika on her belly, soldier crawling to open the patio doors, both of us muttering things like " Please don't fly into me."  " Please don't land on me."  " Please don't have rabies."  " Where is dad??" - all the while the bat is wheeling through the living room.  After a bit, the bat kindly obliged and returned to the wild, and I returned to bed to my hero and protector, who had remained blissfully in dreamland throughout the entire episode. 

 Here is hoping that you are having a wonderful weekend.  

Until next time,


Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is going on with Blogger??

This morning I finally got myself motivated to do a post  and when I hit publish I got an error message.  Now usually blogger saves a post  as a draft... not this time.  Aarrgh.

I also noticed that some blogs have been taken over with nonsense posts.  What is up with that?

Anyways, all my blogging get -up & go is now gone.  So I will leave you with some pics of my finished HallowEden, and try and resurrect today's post this weekend.

Don't know why that pink shadow is on there, its not there IRL.  

I hope everyone has had some beautiful Spring weather.  We have had the most amazing Spring here, but now that our wonderful outdoor pool has opened, I am sure it will cool down and rain.  Such is life in Germany.

Until next time,