Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Bit O Crazy

Again, time has just passed so quickly, and my good intentions of posting more often in 2011 have already lapsed.  So sorry.

The bit o crazy in today's post is referring to the bit o news we got that our oldest son Alex got infected with TB - yes, you read that correctly - TB.  He was infected by a co-worker.  Thank goodness he is in the latent stage - that means he is not active, so he, himself, did not infect anyone.  After extensive blood work and x-rays to determine that indeed he is not active he will now have to spend the next 9 months on antibiotics.  I did a great deal of hand wringing during this time, and now try not to think about it too much - it just bums me out.

On the more upbeat side - I finished Ann Pennsylvania Peacock yesterday!!  I am so thrilled with her, and I enjoyed stitching her.  Those of you who have finished Ann, what did you use to attach her head?

I love the way the roof of the house turned out.

Ann's dress and the purple flower are also so pretty.  Needless to say the colors are much more vibrant in real life.  I used my own choice of HDF - which is always such a pleasure to stitch with.

Next I have got to whip out an ornie, and then I plan to give some time to Peaceable Kingdom - it is such a pretty sampler and I am still stuck on the border.

I  have also been spending some time knitting.  Here are the two hats I knitted for Adam and Olivia for Christmas.  Adam is a Texas Longhorns fan - thus the color scheme, and Olivia's hat is a slouch hat that I really enjoyed knitting.

I have knitted two more hats - one for Alex and one for my husband, but I still have to corral them to take a picture.  They are not so eager to just put on the hat for me and pose - I don't know why???

I am also knitting a hat for myself. I ran out of yarn, so it is languishing.  It will be a hat that is totally cabled.  I plan to knit a scarf as well.

I am also working on "Tend Thy Sheep" by Merry Cox, which was offered through the Shining Needle Society.  I am enjoying this one and am awaiting lesson 3 to continue.

I know it looks like a mile long in the picture above, but it really isn't.  I love Merry's designs, but I came late to the party and she wasn't really teaching anymore.  Of course, now being over here, I won't really be able to take any of her classes either, so I really appreciate the opportunity of taking her classes online.

The Paris Needlework show is fast approaching, and I am totally excited to be able to go.  We are staying at the French Officer's Club, which I have heard good things about.  I have also signed up for the AVAS Open House - can't wait to see that gorgeous store they have.  I promise to take lots of pictures.

Until Then,


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Is Not Over!!

I have wonderful friends, really sweet and generous friends.  Two of them - Kerri and Michelle sent me some fabulous presents last week.

Since Kerri's arrived first, let me start with hers.

A wonderful travel set sewn out of French General fabrics.  They are so beautiful.

So much effort and time went into making these - I am so thrilled to receive them.  They will be put to good use while we are over here.  Our next trip is scheduled for mid-February.  My DH has a business trip to Normandy for D-Day planning after which we will spend a few days in Paris where I am planning to visit the big needlework show Aiguille en Fete.  

Then I received my package from Michelle who stitched me the wonderful Workbasket freebie which was released at the last Nashville Market, which incidentally was the market Michelle and I attended to help Milday's Needle with her booth.  Michelle was so thoughtful to stitch this beautiful piece for me to as a momento of our trip together.  I just love it.

One of her joy birds also winged his way over here, and is currently guarding my dishes. 

She also sent a can of fabulous decaf expresso, since I love strong coffee and lamented months ago when I had to ditch caffeine, that I could not find any decaf expresso here - yes, Germany, the land of strong coffee, go figure.  Anyway, she remembered, and voila, right now I have fabulous expresso with frothed milk for breakfast - yum.  Thanks sweet friends for all you thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

I have made some progress on Ann.  Sorry for the photo, but its a foggy, rainy, dark and grey day here, so I had to use flash.

I have set her aside to work on a Merry Cox piece "Tend Thy Sheep" that is currently being run by the Shining Needle Society.  Its a fun piece, and I am just about done with the band, but  I need better light to photograph it - the pictures I took are horrible.  The next semi-sunny day I will snap some.

I am off to a quilting class tonight learning some more advanced quilting techniques.  Here are the batik fabrics I chose for the quilt - its a 4 week class, so it will be a bit before I have a completed quilt.  If you notice, its in my favorite colors - pink and green ( see Michelle's pretty pillow a few pics up)

I leave you with a few photos of our New Year's Day fun.

Olivia coming down the hill

Watch out dogs - Adam is about to wipe out!

Parental Units giving it a try - Mia is trying to catch up.
Until next time.