Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

Big news!  Ok, sorta big new... well, alright, its actually not such big news, its more like totally overdue news -  I finally got my rear in gear and took my German driver's license test - I did study pretty diligently for it and passed with a 96.  So, now I own this little slip of paper that allows me to roam the country.  My husband had some serious concerns.  He said in a sad voice:" Now you won't be home anymore."  Oh silly man, where else would I stitch???  But it does open some new possibilities....

Now, on to what I have been working on while I obediently sit at home.
Olivia's ornie for this year is done ( stitched - not finished), and since she gets star and heart ornaments each year, this one from this year's JCS Ornie Issue was perfect.  I stitched this on 40ct Liberty Gathering Grey from R&R  with some Indigo Ocean floss from HDF.

Next up is the start of Alex's SB stocking.  This one is just coming together quick and I predict, optimistically that it won't take me 7 years to stitch, like Erika's stocking.... A big thank you to my PIC, who went out and got me all my missing string  floss, popped it in the  mail, so that I could get going on it.
Don't ask me what that little dark spot on the lower right is... I don't know, and its not there now.

Up next is my progress on ATS - its two Sunday's worth.  I think there are a number of people in blog land working on it  now.  I am enjoying it quite a bit, now that the cloud of doom is behind me.

Finally my progress on Ann Pennsylvania Peacock.  See the railing, the part that looks like there was a brawl, and someone fell through it?  Well turns out that I counted wrong ( again!!) and the whole railing was one stitch too short, I am in the middle of frogging and fixing.  I love Ann, but man, it seems I am stitching and stitching, and it looks like I am virtually in the same place.  I have to say that dress is huge!!  The colors look a bit sad on the picture, but they are very pretty in real life.  My picture taking session was done in record speed today, since the sun just barely peaked out, and it has been wicked foggy all day.  

Last weekend Margit and I went to this small needlework expo in a delightful city about 45 minutes away.  We drove over hills and through valleys - it was like a fairytale.  That cute little building is the city hall, and there were 3 floors of vendors.  

I tried to be good, but somehow things just were calling my name.  I came home with a sampler pattern that rivals Dutch Beauty.  Check it out.

This sampler is huge - 510 x 550 stitches.  It has two Adam & Eves on it.    I saw it, and my jaw dropped at the sheer size.  I consoled myself that, surely, on 40 count it would be a more reasonable size.  Well, turns out it was stitched on 40 count already.... hmm what to do?

Alright, because I am getting asked about this sampler ( and Margaret made that good suggestion), it is called Mustertuch 1783 by Mikusch-Design. They actually have the original in their possession.  If you can't locate it in the States, and really really want it ( I must say it is fabulous, but not for the faint hearted), drop me a line and I will get for you -  the pattern cost 16.50 Euro.    My own copy will start winging its way over to stitcher extraordinaire  Robert tomorrow.  If anyone can whip this puppy out its Robert.  I hope he shows us WIP photos on his blog.

Alright, I am off to try and do some home maintenance on Ann, and bring her railing back up to code.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall season.